Want to jailbreak your Apple TV? Be prepared to pay up

“Apple released its latest, third-generation Apple TV in March, yet demand for the earlier version is through the roof. In fact, the second-gen device sells online for $150 more than its original price,” John Paul Titlow reports for ReadWriteWeb. “Usually, the price of older Apple products falls when Cupertino releases its latest and greatest. What gives? The market is speaking, and this is what it’s saying: We want a jailbroken Apple TV.”

“The newer Apple TV is restricted to the apps that Apple supplies for it. A jailbreak would open it up to third-party software and the Web at large. Apparently a solution is in the works (despite reports published last week claiming that no developers were working on it), but it isn’t available yet,” Titlow reports. “So prospective customers who want access to a wider range of programs than Apple allows have a choice: Pay $99 and wait for a hack to surface, or spend up to $280 for an older, less capable unit that runs software that has been modified – without the manufacturer’s authorization – to show pretty much anything available on the Internet.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Note to MDN intern lackeys: Commence unhooking those last-gen Apple TVs and eBaying them pronto while ordering new 1080p Apple TV replacement units. That is all, make it so.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Hell yes people want a jailbroken aTV3.

    Once you load up XBMC on an ATV you have the set top box everyone dreams about but no company produces.

    Seriously that software makes every company look like an amateur.

    I’ve been running it for years on an old xbox and a jailbroken aTV2. Its awesome

  2. Or… one could just save oneself some pointless hard work, spend a little more, and have full functionality and more by getting a Mac mini and connecting it to one’s HDTV.

    Like I have. An AppleTV isn’t anywhere on my horizon.

    1. They do make great satellite units around the house used in addition though. The mini is in our living room but the apple tv in the bedroom is great for streaming our iTunes collection and Netflix.

  3. I have my Apple TV 3 but am not considering jailbreaking it because all I want to do is stream Avi to it and there are a number of ways of doing that. If I want the web I use my iPad or iMac. The lack of apps for the Apple TV is not an issue for me.

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