U.S. tablet sales last quarter: Apple sold 5.2 million; Samsung sold 37,000

Both Apple and slavish copier Samsung filed documents in a California federal court on Thursday that specified the companies’ U.S. tablet unit sales.

“According to Samsung’s court filing, it sold a total of 37,000 tablets in the U.S. last quarter,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune. “Apple sold 5.7 million tablets in the U.S. last quarter, court documents show.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Pitiful, Samsung.

Apple continues to dominate in not just profit share, but also market share in the portable media player market… As with iPods, there are no third-parties (carriers) inextricably tied to tablets. The carriers are not the primary means for selling tablets as they are for smartphones. Therefore there is no one to foist pretend iPads into the hands of the ignoranti they way carriers currently do with Android phones… The iPad market is just that: The iPad market, not the tablet market. The iPad is much more like the iPod than iPhone.MacDailyNews Take, March 31, 2012


    1. +1

      Cough, cough….shipped…cough, cough……sold……..Blahhhhhhhhhh!!!!

      Every freak’n “anal-ysis” who every wrote anything about market share, is grasping for a rag to wash the shit off their face. hahahahah ohhhhhh hahahahaha bang, floor, hahahaha

  1. Based on 91 days in a quarter, that means Apple sold (on average) as many iPads in about HALF day last quarter than Samsung sold of their tablets in the ENTIRE quarter.

    If I were a Samsung stock holder, I would demand that they stop investing valuable R&D money on copying Apple – IMMEDIATELY.

  2. I wonder if all those companies who produce market share numbers for tablets will revise them based on this new material, Apples market share will jump into the ninety percentile!

    1. that’s what i was thinking. despite how laughable this makes samsung seem, i would think this hurts Apple’s case that they did indeed feel damaged by the copy.

    2. Haha … Apple’s not after damages. Steve Jobs said so. Apple wants Samsung to design its own products.

      Though you’ve chosen the name ‘MacFreek,’ your comments — here and elsewhere — are those of a MacTroll.

  3. What this means is that either Samsung is lying to the court to minimize damages if they lose the court case, or they lied to investors and the press regarding the number of tabs & phones sold.

    Or it could mean that Best buy, and other retailers have millions of devices in their warehouses. If any of the above is true, Samsung is finished.

  4. Wirh those pitiful sales records Apple probably should have let Samsung continue…. Then use the info in their advertising like..”we outsold our closest competitor Samsung 1500 to 1…. Or 5.7 million to 35k…. Or…. Never mind, we can already see most of you are not stupid enough to buy a Galaxy tablet….

    Well they wouldn’t be so blunt … But the idea is there.

  5. It’d be interesting to know what percentage of Apple users have avoided buying an iPad because of its limitations on only being excellent at content consumption, but merely coping with content creation, specifically the lack of a proper filing system, assuming that the iPad target-user is a moron who only can use a single-level filing system without getting confused.

    The reason that it’d be interesting is that percentage of Apple users, who refuse to buy an iPad – like me – are waiting to see what Windows 8 tablets are like in practice. Of course I’ve seen the Windows RT tablets in videos, and have read the positive and negative hype. But there’s nothing like using one to decide. If Windows RT is designed to help content-creators, then I’ll be buying my first Windows product in close to a decade.

    If Apple thumbs its middle finger at content-creators, because we’re not their core market, and Apple can make $110 billion without supporting our needs – then we’ll go with the first competitor who can produce a decent infrastructure that can help content creators. So far, that hasn’t materialised, but there is pent up demand waiting for the competition to catch up. Sure, it might be 5 years more, but the pent up demand is waiting for a company that doesn’t treat its users as morons.

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