Google has the most to lose in war with Apple

“With the exception of Google’s search product, Apple is basically kicking Google off its latest operating system iOS 6,” Cadie Thompson reports for CNBC. “The iPhone and iPad maker announced earlier this week that YouTube would not be featured on iOS 6. That followed June’s news, when Apple said Google Maps would be replaced with Apple’s own map system on its platform.”

“‘This is the latest salvo in the war between two giant companies and certainly ups the stake in these two companies,’ said Darren Chervitz, director of research and co-portfolio manager at Jacob Asset Management,” Thompson reports. “‘It’s just a clear indication that the relationship between these two companies is deteriorating pretty quickly, and personally I think Google has the most to lose,’ Chervitz added.”

Thompson reports, “Google may wind up on the losing end because their entire business is built around search, the analyst notes. Although Google’s search functions still remain on Apple products, it may not be long before Apple scraps that as well, Chervitz said… ‘And that is not only a sizeable business for Google right now, more importantly it is very important in terms of future growth because mobile is the key battle ground for search going forward.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Google’s going to rue the day they got greedy by deciding to try to work against Apple instead of with them.MacDailyNews Take, March 09, 2010

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  1. Have you noticed how well Google is handling the public opinion side of things. They keep complimenting Apple in public and saying things like, ‘Apple makes technology that should be shared,’ (paraphrasing). Google is also out there creating better apps for Apple tech than Apple in many cases and “giving” it away free.

    This is all helping to create this burgeoning “I Hate Apple” backlash cult that Apple isn’t doing much to counter.

    I can’t look anywhere without seeing some swell thing that Google is doing “for the public good.” Google’s science fair, for instance. Where’s Apple’s science fair?

    With $117 billion smackeroos in the bank, Apple can afford to be a big magnanimous. At least as much as Google.

    Wars are fought on many fronts.

    1. I don’t think Apple needs to do that. Apple needs to do what Apple is good at, make great products. The best revenge is living well.
      Apple already gives to charity and does charitable things. The difference? Apple doesn’t constantly shout it from the rooftops, they’re too busy making the next great gadget.

      1. Agree with you on “Apple has to do what Apple is good at..” They are the best – sure, but for “others” to be aware/know that they have to be informed of those good products. That also includes positive PR/Marketing as Thelonious Mac refers to and says rightly that “Wars are fought on many fronts” -it is not necessary as you say to “constantly shout from the rooftops”, but at least do it instead (constantlyl) down below from the streets 🙂

        So Apple, shout it out who you are and what you stand for – only the best – on many fronts, as from the rooftops as below in the streets.

        1. Here’s a simple example of what Apple could do, and it would not cost them very much:
          Post on their website, that if you apply for and get a government grant to find a cure for cancer that you can call a special # at Apple and they will supply you with whatever Apple hardware you need for your research. They could have it be Cancer, Heart Disease, etc, whatever diseases they want to include.
          It would allow them to contribute something meaningful to important research, get good PR, and make a difference where it matters. Apple employees (including Steve Jobs) would benefit directly from cancer research.
          They could partner with other successful charities in a similar way.

    2. I totally agree, especially with this part:
      “This is all helping to create this burgeoning ‘I Hate Apple’ backlash cult that Apple isn’t doing much to counter.”

      Apple should survey the “I hate Apple because ____” buzz and then realize it wouldn’t take much to turn much of that around. Sure, some of it is completely contrary to Apple’s design philosophy, but much of it is just perception and easily resolved.

    3. Really? Like having to pay millions in fines in Europe for snarfing up private wifi data after spoofing Safari with cookies; that sound like ‘good public relations’ to you?
      What ‘Google Science Fair’? First I’ve heard of that.
      What ‘Better apps for Apple tech’? Details, please, ‘cos I’m struggling to think of one.
      And ‘I Hate Apple’ backlash cult? Are you frackin’ serious?
      Only among the Freetards and Fandroids with their obsession with Androids purported ‘openness’
      There’s a word that’s on the tip of my tongue, can’t quite think of it…,
      Oh yeah, I know what it is!

    4. I’d argue that the way Google is handling the public relations side of things makes them look like cynical, two-faced, manipulative bastards.

      The best way Apple can counter them is to not sink to their level.

  2. I’ve been using Yahoo! for search on my Mac for the past week or so. It really is a pretty good web search. I see very little if any difference between it and Google in terms of search.

          1. Me, too. Been DuckDuckGoing it for search for at least the past 6 months, and prior to that, I used, which, sadly, no longer exists.

            When iOS 6 arrives (with Apple Maps), I’ll be 100% Gaagle free !

      1. I use for search. They advertise themselves as the world’s most private search engine. They claim not to record your IP address, nor use tracking cookies. They do not collect or share any personal information.

        On July 14th, 2008 Ixquick was awarded the first European Privacy Seal. Ixquick is the first and only EU-approved search engine.

      1. One of the things I don’t see no Duck Duck Go that I use Google and now Yahoo! for is picture and video search. If Duck Duck Go had those, I’d probably use them instead.

  3. Apple is a game changer. Just look at their trend line; dropped floppy drives, switched to flat screens, SSD, etc. etc.

    And oh yes, Flash is dead in the mobile world.

    Google, be afraid… be very afraid. You picked the wrong company to piss off.

  4. Google stands to loose big time because all of Apple’s products collectively are starting to look like they will be the majority of computers used by people within a few years.

    That will really hurt Google.

  5. As much as I want to see Google fail, I don’t see how a lack of Maps and YouTube is going to do any harm. They just build their own apps. The competing Apple apps have to be so much better to do any real harm. In fact in the case of YouTube Apple does not have any competing alternative. Do they?

    1. Not having those Google services available by default means people have to go looking for them. I’d be willing to bet that the average person will not go looking for those Google services on their own. They’ll use the Apple alternatives. Maybe Apple doesn’t have a YouTube alternative yet but they may come up with one and/or promote Vimeo (which is a much better video service IMO)

    2. “In fact in the case of YouTube Apple does not have any competing alternative. Do they?”

      They could. This would be the easiest thing for Apple to take on right now. There’s really not much to building a YouTube competitor for Apple. The overall user experience architecture of a YouTube competitor is pretty simple and straight forward. Keep it clean and simple (Apple can’t help but do that!), and while the backend is complex enough to be a barrier to entry for a startup, it’s not that big of a deal for Apple to just put on a list of data center development.

      The other issue is the content. This would normally be a barrier for other content focused sites that have such tremendously large libraries of content. However, for YouTube, being user generated, the producers of the content want to reach as many users as possible. If a competitive service from Apple were launched, and it was free, producers would jump at it because it would represent another (free) channel of distribution that from day one has a potential audience in the hundreds of millions.

      The only issue I see with Apple doing a YouTube competitive service has to do with traditional content providers, and what impact it would have with Apple’s relationship with them. Apple would need to do a much better job enforcing copyright than Google is.

      On the other hand, the line between traditional content and user generated content could blur. There’s nothing stopping Apple from having a service where user generated content could be free or producer-set priced with Apple getting 30%, allowing the videos (and audio) to be streamed, and optionally downloaded or iClouded.

    3. What you’re missing is that Google Maps and YouTube won’t come pre-installed. In the case of Maps, Apple’s new Maps app promises to be superior, in part because it’s using vector graphics instead of bitmaps–and there won’t be advertising. Most users won’t install the Google Maps App that everyone is assuming is coming to the iOS App Store.

      In the case of YouTube, there really isn’t much of a point to a standalone YouTube app anymore, with YouTube’s library supporting HTML5.

  6. What if Apple provided a ‘good enough’ search for free? No ads. And made it the default on MacOS and iOS. Google would crumble. You can’t compete with free!

    1. Better still, give away advertising for 1/2 the google rate. If that don’t do it then give it away for 1/3 the google rate. In cricket parlence, bowl them a googlie and hit them in the googlies.

      1. Hahaha that would be one of the sweetest revenge moves ever.

        Unfortunately unlike Apple – who puts their crown jewels in everyone’s hands to examine in detail (and copy like Samsung did) – Google’s are locked up in their servers.

        But if anyone could pull it off now it’d be Apple… Microsoft had the whole game in their hands to do this, but seems to have been distracted.

  7. Web (not internet) will be irrelevant in some years… so who needs search anyway?
    Like Flash… who needs Flash nowdays? Apple is the player.
    Google = Easy way to porn, pirate media, invasion of privacy, your photoshoped photos by trools… shit blogs, nasty comments, phishing, malware, cookies, ads and more ads.
    Kill Google is easy… and there’s already a roadmap.

    “Apple Acquires Chomp; App Store Search And Discovery To Be Completely Revamped”

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