Apple’s iPad surges to grab over 72 percent of China’s tablet market

“The iPad’s market share in China’s tablet PC sector climbed to over 72.6 percent in the second quarter of 2012, according to a report released Monday by market researcher Analysys International,” Xinhua reports.

“The figure marked a 20.06-percent increase from the first quarter of 2012, said the report,” Xinhua reports. “Behind the iPad, the tablet PC from Lenovo Group, the world’s second-biggest PC maker, held about 8.38 percent of the market share.”

Xinhua reports, “Meanwhile, Samsung’s tablet PC saw a 7.69-percent year-on-year decrease in its market share, which stood at 3.59 percent in the second quarter of 2012.”

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      1. While I assume that Apple staff may spouse liberal political ideologies, as a conservative, I love apple business practices: zero debt, incredible inventiveness and innovation, insane work ethic, amazing talent, and a war chest which is the envy of the world. The total opposite of our innept and bankrupt government.

    1. Dijah420 you are right on the money..her is a post I made yesterday cause I think it important…

      Americans should be outraged that a foreign company (Samsung) is improving its economic situation by ripping off an American companies designs and inventions.
      Granted manufacturing is farmed out to Foriegn companies to keep Apple products competitive… But that is the world American’s helped foster by demanding the highest wages and demanding the lowest product cost.
      Do we continue to shoot iurselves in the foot by by supporting Samsung’s reliance on stealing the fruits of the tech sector we can use to provide jobs for Americans in this sector because they can price a product cheaper because no R& D was required to develop it….
      We are the brokers of our own demise….if Apple dominates the tech product world, an American company dominates the tech world… Providing more employment in sectors we have not already screwed ourselves out of
      For those who hate Apple for some reason a bit of all American advice…. Do not cut of your nose to spite your face…, supporting Samsung, even if they did not copy (which they did) is Not supporting an American company that provides the employment it can here…. If you think S Koreans do not support Samsung wholeheartedly to preserve a national employment base leader… Think again

      1. Maybe the US should start unilaterally drawing down our troop presence on the Korean peninsula.

        When the South Korean government realizes what’s going on, they’ll do anything Washington asks to get those troops back.

        Including slapping the chaebols into becoming proper world citizens.

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