Why an Apple iPad mini will cripple the efforts of Google, Amazon and anyone else in the mini tablet market

“An excellent survey was conducted and released on July 19th of this year that revealed the complete usage of the iPad,” Bret Kenwell writes for Seeking Alpha. “The following statistics popped out the most to me:”

• The ‘New iPad’ was most popular amongst new users despite just being released.
• 47% of iPad-owning households have two or more, up from just 30.1% in 2011.
• 46.6% use their iPad between 2-5 hours per day.
• 46.7% now use the iPad as their primary computer, up from 29.1% in 2010.

“One thing sticks out at the end of the survey, only 30% would be interested in a smaller tablet,” Kenwell writes. “It is noted to take this information with a grain of salt, since consumers have not seen or used a smaller version of the iPad, but still, this is discouraging. However, Apple’s aim would not be to nudge their own product out of the way. It would be to take on the smaller-tablet market.”

Kenwell writes, “It has proven that the smaller tablet does sell. If it came down to an Nexus 7 for $250 or an iPad Mini for the same price, which do you think consumers would flock to? Once Apple has consumers in their hand, it has been proven and noted they do not want to leave. They have found a way to keep consumers craving them, instead of the other way around. A smaller tablet won’t likely outperform its bigger brother, the New iPad, but it will cripple the efforts of Google, Amazon and anyone else in the mini tablet market.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. One of the better articles about the stickiness of Apple products. The reasoning on a smaller iPad is laid out logically, enough so that I now believe Apple will manufacture one.

    If Apple takes over the small tablet market as it has the full sized market, then Apple’s total share of the tablet market will exceed 90%.

    Foxconn is going to be very busy with Apple products, but not necessarily any busier than they are now. Production time currently allocated to Dell, Samsung, HP et al, will be shifted to Apple. Then, in a couple of years Google will take a massive write down because the purchase of Motorola was ill-advised and over priced. Sad to see such old names (Kodak, HP, Motorola) get trashed.

    1. If it’s 8 instead of 7 inches, then they won’t have to. It will be vastly larger. Far more surface area than one diagonal
      Inch would lead you to believe.

  2. “However, Apple’s aim would not be to nudge their own product out of the way. It would be to take on the smaller-tablet market.”

    I am extremely dubious of this as a reason for Apple to produce a mini iPad. This is just a variation of the expression, “It is not enough that I win, but my enemies must fail.”

    There is no indication that Apple works this way.

    MS, on the other hand…

  3. I think that Apple should definitely try to make Samsung fail as payback for copying and stealing Apple’s IP. Apple can easily afford to add the iPad mini to its lineup so they might as well give it a shot. If it can increase Apple’s tablet market share by only a couple of percentage points, I think it would be worthwhile. Apple needs to force the competition to just give up going head to head with them and show the competition it won’t be profitable for them to stay int he tablet business.

    I’d like to put to rest the constant nonsensical talk of how Apple is going to lose lots of tablet market share to competitors every quarter. Next quarter, supposedly the ZunePad is going to put pressure on Apple iPad sales, too.

  4. 😕 Seeing as the ‘mini’ tablet market has never been more than LAME and profitless, BFD if Apple entered that vacuous ‘market’.

    Again, again, again: I have yet to see ANYONE make a reasonable case for an actual, profitable market for ‘mini’ WhateverPads. It’s all hype and NO substance. Have fun with that.


      1. In the case of an iPad ‘mini’, I don’t see it as anything but a dead end. I see no point. I see no one at all selling their ~7″ OtherPads with any profitability. I don’t see Apple doing much more than cannibalizing a small part of their iPad sales for the sake of not much profit, if any at all.

        Simply dumping a product into a perceived market is outrageously IGNORANT. Apparently I’ve got a lot more experience in business, as opposed to dopey biznizz, than you. Then again, I constantly expect to be wrong, seeing as We Never Know Everything About Anything – Me.

        So, prove me wrong please! With SOMETHING! Don’t just wildly speculate then expect you know what you’re talking about.

  5. I love my iPad and couldn’t possibly live without it. I would LOVE to buy one for my kids and grandkids, but don’t have a great pile of spare cash that big laying around. The iPad Mini? I’ll take 5 on day one please!

    1. Why does every person who is cash strapped think that a smaller iPad will be so much cheaper? It will have a slightly smaller battery and screen but the same guts and assembly costs.

      1. Then they will not be able to take on the other small tablets and e-readers. I don’t believe that you need to be cash-strapped to not want to shell out for 5 iPads at Christmas. I’m having a hard time understanding why some Apple fans are so threatened by a mini. It would open a whole new customer base for Apple. I wonder how many women would like a tablet that tucked neatly in their purse like the Nook or the Kindle does? I wouldn’t think of trying to read a book or magazine, or stream a movie, or surf the web on my iPhone. But a mini? I’m glad Apple is jumping in this market.

  6. If Apple does release an iPad Mini, I hope they leave out Safari. All it would show is a jarring mix of full size websites that don’t fit much on the screen at a readable zoom level, and mobile websites filled with wasted and unused space. Web browsing is going to suck on this thing.

    1. Identifying as a mobile device will default to the mobile web site, many of which are very satisfying and very easy to use on an iPhone, for instance. So, keeping Safari is a no-brainer, and anyway, there is no way Apple would leave Safari off any web-capable device.

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