Apple lawyers reveal massive 132-page internal Samsung document as proof of ‘slavish copy’ claims

“Apple presented a massive 132-page internal Samsung document that showed the South Korean firm comparing every inch of the iPhone with its early Galaxy S phone in its patent ruckus yesterday,” Brid-Aine Parnell reports for The Register.

“The internal Samsung report, translated from Korean, goes over every aspect of the iPhone and looks at how the equivalent feature of the [Galaxy S phone] matches up,” Parnell reports. “Unfortunately [for Samsung], it also says none-too-subtly that the S phone would really be a lot better if it was more like the [Apple iPhone].”

Parnell reports, “At every feature discussed, recommendations for improvement are given with reference to the comparison to the [Apple iPhone]. In the comparison of both phones’ icons, there’s also the direction to ‘Remove the feeling that iPhone’s menu icons are copied by differentiating design’ – which Apple is pretty much reading as backing up its allegations.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. Justice will prevail and Samsung will pay Apple in the end. People start boycotting Samsung products in a show of support for innovative Apple!

    2015 = AAPL = $1055

  2. Justice will prevail and Samsung will pay Apple in the end. People start boycotting Samsung products in a show of support for innovative Apple!

    Not really. Samsung will pay a small fine, and people will buy whatever the telcos push at the lowest price.

  3. I am in the market for a camera. The wife comes to me, Samsung has a great camera, look at all the features…. Not that a good search and review would counter “great” with inferior, but immediately, it was… Uh.. no, let’s go Panasonic.

  4. The way to shop for Samsung products:
    What competitors product does the Samsung product look like?
    Buy the competitors! Samsung only copies from the best!

    Lesson over

    1. Maybe because of Page 74:
      “Deleting e-mail is too complicated.

      On S1 user selects all e-mails they do not want to delete and then press the grey “Do Not Delete” button on the black bar to delete the unselected message.

      On i-Phone you swipe your finger across message and press Delete.”

      I’m just making it up of course, but after seeing many of the examples it actually sounds plausible.

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