Mass production of new iPhone not expected until late September

“If Apple is in fact holding an iPhone event on September 12th, it could create some unexpected problems, an investor memo from Sterne Agee’s Shaw Wu indicates,” Electronista reports.

“Based on ‘supplier checks,’ the analyst notes that he only expects volume production of iPhones to happen in late September,” Electronista reports. “If so that could meant that while suppliers will make a fair amount of money in the September quarter, Apple itself won’t see a substantial amount of money until the December quarter.”

Electronista reports, “A potential contributor to this is the new, thinner in-cell touchscreen technology Apple is believed to be using, which could create a production bottleneck.

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. Apple just took a beating on last quarter even tho they beat there own guidance. This next earnings call could be one where they don’t even reach guidance if these phone profits won’t come back till the dec quarter.

      Not saying there’s anything too scary about this, but I do intend day trade off a lot of shares and pick them back up again when it goes under $560.

      If I just played a little more fast and loose like these wall street buggers I’d be reaping the rewards too.

  1. Mass production of Apple devices does not start earlier than about three weeks before actual release.

    So if production will start by the end of September, then this means that iPhone 4G/6 will start selling in the middle of October.

  2. The quarterly reports often provide more information than one would think. According to Apple’s guidence for the running quarter, the new iPhone will not come out before the end of September. The guidance was rather low and I think to remember that Oppenheimer mentioned something about transitions or products.

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