Samsung shipped over 50 million smartphones in Q2, nearly double the number of Apple iPhones

“Samsung Electronics Co. increased its share of the global smartphone market in the second quarter, widening its lead over Apple Inc. as the South Korean technology giant shipped more than 50 million smartphones, the largest number of units ever shipped by any vendor in a single quarter, according to two market research firms,” Juro Osawa reports for The Wall Street Journal. “The reports from research firms IDC and Strategy Analytics showed that Samsung, the world’s largest smartphone vendor, gained a larger market share in the second quarter compared with the previous quarter, while Apple’s market share declined with some consumers holding off iPhone purchases ahead of the expected release of the next model later this year.”

Osawa reports, “The reports indicate that Samsung’s strategy to sell smartphones in a broad price range from high-end models to more affordable ones, combined with its aggressive marketing campaigns, has been helping the South Korean company enhance its global market presence. By contrast, Apple only sells iPhones, focusing on the high-end segment.”

“U.S.-based IDC estimated Samsung’s global smartphone shipments in the second quarter at 50.2 million units with a market share of 32.6%. In the first quarter, Samsung held a 29.1% share with 42.2 million smartphones shipped, IDC said. Earlier this week, Apple said it sold 26 million iPhones in the quarter ended June. According to IDC, Apple’s market share declined to 16.9% in the quarter from 24.2% in the previous quarter,” Osawa reports. “Similarly, London-based Strategy Analytics estimated Samsung’s second-quarter smartphone shipments at 50.5 million units, with a market share of 34.6%, topping Apple’s 17.8%. That marked a widening gap from the first quarter, when Samsung held a 30.6% share while Apple had 24.1%.”

“The reports from IDC and Strategy Analytics also highlighted Nokia Corp.’s struggle to establish its position in the smartphone market,” Osawa reports. “The [company] saw its share of the global smartphone market drop to 6.6% in the second quarter from 8.2% in the first quarter, according to the IDC report. In the second quarter of 2011, Nokia held a 15.4% share, IDC said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Crime pays, as Samsung’s dear leader, obviously knows.

Unfortunately for Samsung, ripping off the innovator does not pay nearly as well as being the innovator; market share in the smartphone market does not equal profit share. Unending “Buy One, Get Up to Five Free” promotions have their drawbacks: Big unit numbers, not so big share of the available profits.

May the world’s courts someday wake up and dole out some justice for a change. Until then, Apple should do everything in their power to punish Samsung by sourcing their components elsewhere wherever possible.

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    1. It is not even “shipped”, it is just estimations.

      For the Q1, “analysts” estimated that Samsung shipped from 32 to 49 million smartphones.

      Go figure the “accuracy”.

      So while it seems that in Q2 Samsung certainly surpassed Apple in terms of smartphone sales, actual difference in sales is unknown.

      1. I would dispute that these are all “smartphones”. Just as a lot of Nokia Symbian POS phones are called “smartphones” when they are barely capable of phoning and texting. We have no numbers of any of the actual sets sold, so I call this complete BS.

    2. If Apple “ships” 100 million iPhones to a warehouse
      in its Data Center in North Carolina, does it mean
      that Apple “increased its share of the global smartphone
      market” over Samsung ???

  1. Normally MDN is on-target when discussing the poor profits of Android phone vendors. But not today. Did you even see Samsung’s latest earnings report? Their profits are doing quite well, unlike every other Android phone manufacturer.

    1. You are the one who is off-target, not MDN. Apple does own the lion’s share of the smartphone market’s profits.

      I notice that you have no facts to back up your claims. I do:

      • Samsung Profit misses estimates on smartphone output, chip prices – July 26, 2012

      Apple’s share of global mobile phone profits: 73% – May 3, 2012

      Apologists for lying, cheating, thieving scumbags headed up by convicted criminals are almost as bad as the lying, cheating, thieving scumbags themselves.

        1. One can make profits selling junk to idiots.
          The real question isn’t about who makes more
          profits but who makes a better product.
          Would you rather buy a Samsung phone or
          an iPhone? Case closed. 🙂

          1. Just as one can make profits from selling junk to sheep, I’ve owned an iPhone, galaxy nexus, windows phone, and chose the galaxy s3 as my latest device, so the answer to your question, Samsung has the better device, and unless you try a galaxy s3 you can’t say that it isn’t a better device as one of the isheep’s favorite argument against windows fans is that they haven’t tried mac, so untill you have tried the Samsung galaxy s3 with an open mind, you really have no right go call it junk

            1. I hate to admit it but just got an s3 and its pretty good. Apple better step it up with iphone 5 because there cuurent design and os is looking very dated and I fear that apples market share is in for a world of hurt…

    2. Not really.

      Samsung’s revenue/profit is from components for any number of brands (including Apple’s 26 million iPhones), their own (50 million) phones, televisions, air conditioners, refrigerators, and the other 1000 businesses they’re in.

      If Apple sold 200 million iPhones a year the profits would have been very visible. Samsung? Not so much.

  2. Also, how much of said profit is from televisions, panels, chips, computers, and appliances. You can’t apply it to the phones.. The COMPANY is profiting, but they are so convoluted with multiple types of products, they may have made squat on their phones…

  3. The other issue is that thanks to the overly ridiculous rumor mill, which is reported here routinely causes Apple fits i am sure which causes people to wait to buy an iPhone, because they think the next generation is right around the corner.

    I wonder how many *more* millions of iPhone’s Apple would have sold last quarter if people didn’t think the next gen iPhone was right around the corner..

    1. I think those who are waiting for the iPhone (2012) are harder core Apple fans. They know the new phone is coming and are willing to wait. The average iPhone customer – I don’t think they have any idea about the projected release date of the new model or that they are going to wait.

      1. Too true. I once stood behind a businessman who bought a 3GS one week before the 4 came. Salesman did not mention 4 and businessman did not ask. Businessman just needed a phone and wanted an iPhone.

  4. We’ll see how Samsung fares in their latest round of lawsuits. This is far from being any sort of respectable company.

    However, I think it is foolish to deny that they are not continuing to gain market share, and are not giving all their handsets away as used to be the norm in this segment.

    I’m certainly not seeing any type of promos like this in my part of the world, I’m seeing the new S3 for $159 on a 3 year deal. That’s about the same as an iPhone 4S.

    I am still bitter with Samsung, and am very hopeful they will have to withdraw a number of these infringing products at least from the North American market. It’s looking more and more like it might happen.

    There will never be a day that Apple does not own the ‘best’ part of this market as long as they keep delighting customers. People will happily pay more for a better experience.

    Samsung, as much as they are ‘aping’ will never be able to duplicate the experience Apple offers. Ever.

    Let’s see what happens.

  5. Unfortunately this does show some complacency on Apple’s part this last 18 months. I don’t think they thought that others could produce competitive products so quickly while they have failed to cover their rear with cheaper options until too late and then did so with last years model even if the specs are competitive, marketing wise it is a disadvantage. Certainly the 4S was a little underwhelming by its own standards or at least perceived to be and as good as the ‘5’ is likely to be I think Apple underestimated the speed it needed to introduce such a model with Samsung being considered to have superior models at the top end at present rightly or wrongly. It looks with the iPad they have learnt their lesson a little belatedly.

  6. Samsung (aka ShamDung, SameSong, etc.) is really killing the likes of Nokia, RIM, and other AnDrone phone makers like Motorola, HTC, Sony, LG, etc. than Apple. I suppose at least one other phone manufacturer in this industry has to make money besides Apple and it’s Samsung at the moment.

    I don’t doubt these numbers. Look at how many phone models Samsung has. I’m not going to bother to count but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s 3 digit figures. Remember that Samsung also has Windows phones as well as their own Bada OS phones counted amongst their smartphone totals.

    Plus, a lot of these phones are barely “smart” if you get my drift. They’re freebies given away in BOGO (or BOGM for Buy One Get Many) deals in third world countries or for the economically challenged in developed nations.

    These unit numbers are meaningless. This is not at all like the PC wars of the 80’s and 90’s when the installed base for software meant everything. In fact, iOS actually has a big lead in this area in terms of apps available (both quantity and quality) and the amount of money the developers make.

    Let ShamDung produce gazillions of cheap and/or freebie phones for people who just need to make phone calls.

  7. “while they have failed to cover their rear with cheaper options…”
    Exactly what was said about computers – year after year after year.
    There’s a principle in business: “Do NOT try to be everything to everybody”. The book “Focus” by Al Ries is excellent.

  8. MDN and several of you just confuse me with your rants about copy this and that? SJ himself was a fan of it as failing which we would all be driving one brand of car, eating one brand of burgers and wearing one brand of jeans. Copying is part of the business cycle in any walk of life. Budweiser does not sue Miller every time Miller brings to market a beer that is practically a copy of a Budweiser product and vice versa.

    Apple does it share of copying as does MSFT and others but in the end there is never a carbon copy. IPhone is an iPhone and it cannot be mistaken for any Android device and the same applies to Tablets etc…

    Business 101, break the rules and make a lot of money and worry about the irrelevant fines later. Every solid business does it and yes as SJ often times stated, copying is part and parcel of evolution.

  9. here you’re again. Samsung is not crime pay. don’t pretend to know something. as a matter of fact, Apple will fall if they will continue to make product without their own manufacture (from body part to electronic parts), it will be inevitable that Apple will get back to 1997 crisis. but Samsung has lot of manufacture parts which they make their own. so for the long term, Samsung has higher possibility to survive longer than you think. you have no idea how Apple will be bad in the future.

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