TIME Magazine reviews OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion: Much bang for the buck

“As with last year’s OS X 10.7 Lion, Apple is doing its darndest to make the Mountain Lion upgrade irresistibly painless. Rather than paying for a shiny disc in a box, you buy it as a 4GB download from the Mac App Store; installation requires next to no human intervention, and went smoothly in my case,” Harry McCracken reports for TIME Magazine. “I tried the new operating system on both my own MacBook Air and a pre-loaded Retina MacBook Pro loaned to me by Apple.

“Speaking of irresistible, Apple, which once charged $129 for OS X upgrades such as Leopard, now prices them as if it were Crazy Eddie. Fork over just $19.99 for Mountain Lion–down from $29.99 apiece for the last two versions–and you’re entitled to install it on all the Macs associated with your iTunes account, provided they’re currently running either Lion or Snow Leopard,” McCracken reports. “Did I mention that Apple only wants $19.99 for all this? Some may choose to spurn this upgrade, but nobody will do it based on grounds of insufficient bang-for-the-buck.”

McCracken reports, “Still, the big news about Mountain Lion isn’t that it’s so cheap. It’s how it largely completes what Lion started, bringing a common set of features and apps to the Mac, iPhone and iPad and using iCloud to tie them all together. People have been praising Apple for seamlessly melding hardware, software and services for so long that it’s practically a cliché. But OS X 10.8 makes it feel like a fresh idea all over again – and the more Apple gear you own, the more you’ll get out of it.”

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