ChangeWave: Apple’s next-gen iPhone demand ‘unprecedented’

“A new survey of consumers has found that a record number of people indicated they are ‘likely’ to buy Apple’s next iPhone, expected to launch later this year,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“ChangeWave’s latest survey, conducted in June and released on Monday, found that 14 percent of consumers indicated they are “very likely” to buy a so-called “iPhone 5.” Another 17 percent of people said they are “somewhat likely” to buy Apple’s next iPhone,” Hughes reports. “‘The biggest finding of the survey is the unprecedented level of advanced demand for the next generation Apple iPhone (i.e., the ‘iPhone 5′) — which based on these survey numbers easily dwarfs the advance demand of any previous iPhone launch,’ ChangeWave said.”

Hughes reports, “Last October, 10 percent of consumers said they were ‘very likely’ to buy an iPhone 4S, while 11.5 percent identified themselves as ‘somewhat likely.’ The iPhone 4S went on to have a record breaking debut, resulting in sales of 37 million iPhones during the holiday 2011 launch quarter.”

ChangeWave Survery: Likelihood of buying an "iPhone 5" - June 2012

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  1. How about that, 14% and 17% is 31% that are “Likely” to buy an iPhone 5. Some would call that almost 1 out of every 3 people are “likely” to buy an iPhone 5.

  2. My household will be waiting and ready for at least two of the next gen iPhone. However, I hate such surveys. I’m not sure how a preliminary “likely to buy” can be extrapolated to equal level of demand.

  3. Or perhaps it’s not so coincidentally the end of the second normal two year contract cycle? People who bought last year were either initial second year adopters, or out of cycle first year buyers.

    1. people were pissed last year. Too many idiots wanting iPhone 5 and not 4S. I love the 4/4s design so I bit the bullet- a LOT of people decided to wait tho. This has got to be hold over from that.

    2. yes my two year iPhone 4 contract is up in October! My carrier TelCel Mexico, did email me in May offering the 4s at no charge if I wanted to renew for another 2 years.

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