Analysts: Apple’s iTV to be U.S.-only at launch, might not ship until 2014

“Whenever the Apple HDTV comes out, it’s going to need an array of slick media content partnerships to get off the ground,” John Brownlee reports for Cult of Mac. “hat’s one reason why Tim Cook might have been hobnobbing with Hollywood executives at a recent media conference, but these deals are tricky to strike, and take time.”

“According to analysts, that’s why the Apple HDTV might not launch until 2014… and when it does, it will be a U.S. only launch,” Brownlee reports. “ talked to Informa’s broadband content and online video analyst Giles Cottle, who said that it would be a ‘massive burden’ to arrange the content deals necessary to launch a television set… one that could only be handled by a gradual roll-out, starting in America, then eventually trickling to the rest of the world.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. Although, I can believe Apple is doing its best to negotiate for content for its existing product lines, there is still no evidence they are entering the TV market.

    The only benefit to Apple for producing its own upgradeable displays would be to lock other content aggregators off its hardware.

  2. can i get paid to write bullshit all day too?!

    These analysts are pathetic, wasn’t iTV supposed to be the big announcement at WWDC. Now it won’t be available til possibly 2014.

    wow, if i was pulling shit out of my ass as much these paid professionals, my bullshit would be better. When you are making up shit, why even play it safe, to maintain an air of a little credibility. No one remembers these countless failed predictions.

  3. The Apple “iTV”, iPad Mini, and iPhone Nano will all be announced at WWDC 2015 by CEO Eric Schmidt, according to a homeless man in Ashford, Alabama. He cited information gleaned from supply chains, a blurry photo of something metallic he found on the internet, projections of tech analysts, and his own experience as CEO of a tech company.

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