Slavish copier Samsung accuses LG Display of slavishly copying OLED tech

“Samsung Mobile Display Co., an affiliate of tech giant Samsung Electronics Co., on Monday urged its rival LG Display Co. to formally apologize and take necessary actions over an alleged tech leak,” Yonhap reports.

“Eleven people, including executives from the world’s No. 2 maker of liquid-crystal display (LCD) panels, were indicted Sunday on charges of leaking or taking core display technology from Samsung,” Yonhap reports. “Six other suspects involved in the incident were former or current researchers at Samsung Mobile. ‘Our company, which claims about 97 percent of the world’s organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screen market, is now on the verge of losing trillions of won from the leak,’ an official from Samsung said.”

Yonhap reports, “Samsung condemned LG’s alleged involvement as a grave crime and said the company must take responsibility for the incident, which it argued was masterminded at the corporate level… Meanwhile, LG Display refuted the allegations and announced it will sue Samsung for defamation in the future. ‘LG Display’s products boast excellent technology and even received a presidential award with the OLED panel for 55-inch screens,’ the company said. ‘We do not need Samsung’s technology which works under a totally different display system,’ it added.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Good ol’ Karma, she never fails.

Apple’s products came first, then Samsung’s:

Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Tab Trade Dress Infringement

[Attribution: ITProPortal. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Tomi Morillo” for the heads up.]

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    1. You can’t steal music, but you can make unauthorized downloads that violate copyright.

      But then you are “stealing” from labels who perfected the art of actual theft.

      Kind of like a mob boss who is upset that someone broke into his house and stole from his safe.

      1. theft is theft…obviously you’re not a musician or creator who supports him/her self from their sales. And please, don’t even start the ‘artist doesn’t get the money anyway, so it’s ok to steal” bit. It’s pretty tired. if you are an artist in any media and don’t care about the money, then enjoy your trust fund or wherever you get your money.

      2. Except that I don’t know too many mob bosses who make people rich by stealing from them.

        Look, you can call the labels greedy (they are in it for the money, after all) but all of that great music you listened to over your lifetime was recorded on equipment out of the reach of musicians, as were distribution and promotion on national and global levels.

        Times have changed and the labels are suffering, but you’re only fooling yourself if you think everybody with an electric guitar and a cool voice should have just been handed a check without anyone ever spending a dime to a risk on them.

  1. Few of us are in a position to judge the relation or relative merits of Samsung and LG’s OLED technology. All I can say is I took a chance on a Samsung commercial grade LED display. I was so disappointed with it that I paid the 10% restocking and return shipping just to be rid of it. (Even my old Pioneer professional plasma (not quite HD) was better.)

    1. Go with an LG or a Sharp. I’ve had a LG 47″ LED/LCD for two and a half years and couldn’t be happier. But I still wouldn’t mind having a Sharp 70″.

  2. Doesn’t Samsung have a patent on stealing? I would hate to think that they put in all that hard work and failed to protect the very core of their business.

  3. The LG panel is a greyscale OLED behind an RGB filter, where as Samsung uses a full color OLED. The tech is sufficiently different to ensure that Samsung will likely lose this case (if LG puts a good legal staff against Samsung’s already overworked legal team).

  4. Oh, the hypocrisy from samdump 😡😡, so glad i got a LG full hd tv and LG blu ray player, i would have hated having a samsung tv and bluray. I hope LG wins the defamation case, samdump deserves it

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