Mozilla releases Firefox 14 with encrypted Google searches

“Mozilla has made Firefox version 14 available for download,” Electronista reports. “The update introduces auto-completion of URLs typed into the Awesome Bar, along with encrypted Google searches enabled by default, to shield personal details from parties collecting data through the network infrastructure.”

“Full screen support for Mac OS X Lion has been implemented in this version, as has the ability to configure browser plug-ins to load only on clicking,” Electronista reports. “Other improvements include a new API to prevent displays from sleeping, CSS enhancements for Turkic languages and Greek, and various security fixes.”

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    1. It blocks packet sniffers on the local area network. So if you are in a cafe and google something, the guy sitting the corner running wireshark can’t grab plain text data from your machine that are put into the google search field. It’s not to protect you from Google.

  1. These rapid releases sent me away from awesome bar to awesome browser…

    I had been using FF since moving to Mac about 3-4 years ago. I tried Safari but It was the ONLY thing Apple that didn’t work for me. It would freeze for literally 5-15 minutes every time I opened it.

    Using FF I normally had 30-40 tabs open then recently a rapid release made FF restart with no previous tabs. This prompted me to fix Safari and I haven’t looked back.
    There’s only a couple of things I don’t like about Safari – no wysiwyg HTML editor addon and no scrolling tabs up the top when you have more open than the window will allow.

    1. It no longer restores the 30-40 tabs you had open because that is annoying in many situations, but it’s still easy to do. Restore Previous Session is an option the History menu, and on Firefox Start Page.

      Kind of silly that you stopped using Firefox over a misunderstanding, that could have been figured out with a few seconds of Googling.

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