Apple analysts continue to expect $1,000 share price next year

“Reports are mixed on just how well Apple did last quarter, with Morgan Stanley saying today it believes that the company’s third-quarter results, to be announced on July 24, will be a ‘relatively neutral event,'” Connie Guglielmo reports for Forbes.

“But analysts are mostly in agreement about Apple’s prospects going forward — and toward a share price of $1,000 or beyond in the next year,” Guglielmo reports. “‘We are buyers of Apple shares heading into one of the most significant products cycles in two years — the iPhone 5 launch this fall,’ Katy Huberty of Morgan Stanley told investors in a note today that lays out her ‘bull case’ for the shares reaching $960 in mid-2013. ‘We expect new products, emerging market growth and sustainable margin expansion to drive outperformance.'”

Guglielmo reports, “She’s not the only one. ‘Now that we are officially in the second-half and the iPhone 5 launch is within reach, we believe the stock is prepared for the next major leg up that we believe will propel Apple to our $1,111 price target over the next year,’ Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets told investors in a report today.”

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  1. What is the next frontier for Apple? I think they will continue to iterate ahead of the competition for the current products. Artificial Intelligence is their next big field, hopefully followed by something in the fields of energy and medicine (i.e. a new battery, etc.). I think A.I., batteries and solar tech are all fields that Apple could naturally transition towards. Things like medicine and self-driving vehicles are perhaps a little beyond the horizon at this point.

    1. A good company sticks to what they know and do best. That leaves out medicines and vehicles as part of the future Apple product mix. AI could build on their software work (including Siri). Batteries and solar tech should probably be left to the specialists, though Apple can help drive the technology by providing a ready market (as it did with Gorilla Glass).

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