iCloud.com email addresses are now available with iOS 6 beta 3

“Along with today’s launch of iOS 6 Beta 3, Apple has started to roll out iCloud.com email addresses to developers,” Buster Heine reports for Cult of Mac.

“When iOS users signed up for iCloud in the past they received an email address @me.com,” Heine reports. “Now that MobileMe has been shut down, Apple is starting to transition over to @iCloud.com email addresses.”

Heine reports, “The transition from @me.com addresses to @icloud.com addresses is similar to the transition made in 2008 when Apple shutdown all @mac.com services.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. Seriously, @mac.com to @me.com to @icloud.com. This makes account signups on websites a little annoying. If Apple can at least improve spam filtering via iOS then I suppose I can be fine with these domain changes.

      1. I too, have been a mac.com user for more years than I can remember and there is no way I will switch to another address. What for for? It works an continues to behave well for me.

    1. Debacle??
      Please familiarize yourself with a dictionary my dear fellow.
      MobileMe was a stupid name and we’re all glad they’re done with it, but by no means was it a sudden or ignominious failure. Stop paying so much attention to the press.
      The M$ ‘Kin’? Now THAT was a debacle.

      1. … wasn’t it the transition to MobileMe that was so badly marred by system failures? Enough that they gave us at least a free month’s service just for the insult?
        That was sudden.
        That was ignominious.
        That was a failure.
        OK … I rather thought they had recovered from it. What do I know?

      2. Jobs was unduly harsh with the MobileMe team. I only experienced minor issues with the service, mostly slowness caused by the webdav protocol. It performed flawlessly for me through most of its existence.

  2. Dunno why companies feel compelled to rebrand services everytime they relaunch them. MobileMe is better than iCloud and Buzz is better than Google+.

  3. I like @me.com much better than @icloud.com.
    The former really felt personal, the latter is, as all other mail systems, a brand-building advertisement right next to your name.

    Shame on you Apple.

      1. Yes, but .mac was a political statement when people were saying Apple was against the ropes. I think most .mac users are proud to have been there supporting Apple.

        1. … and @me is a personal statement. I am happy, possibly even proud, occasionally more than a little snarky, to be a Mac user. I don’t really want that information showing up in an email to strangers, though. Some of those idiots are happy, possibly even proud, certainly snarky Windows trolls (or Linux uber-geeks) that I don’t want to fight with. I’ll be keeping “@me” as long as possible.

  4. I hated .me as it seemed so me-generation and self-centered. I use .mac to show my support for Apple. .iCLoud would be a little too precious, a bit like .me.

  5. the @me.com is a 2 letter name – what could be better? It’s incredibly easy for anyone to remember. And @mac.com is great as well, short and sweet and an association with one’s platform of choice. But @iCloud – it’s just not that interesting.

  6. I’ve used .mac since Day 1. I also created five alias addresses on .mac and the switch to .me grandfathered those addresses and also gave me equivalents on .me, so I now have twelve email addresses I can use, and do, to differentiate different services I sign up to. Bring on .icloud—I could use another address.


    1. I agree. iCloud.com isn’t bad, I almost could like it if it wasn’t three letters longer than .mac.

      But I’ve used ,mac since iTools and it was free, and I will give it up ONLY either if Apple kills it, or something kills me.

  7. BTW remember how iTools was originally advertised as “free for life”? Then they started charging with .Mac and MobileMe. Now they’re back to free again with iCloud.

  8. Will it be the same as .mac and .me?
    i mean now when people send an email @mac.com it gets on the .me email. will it be the same? i mean can people email me at any of the 3 domains??

  9. As someone who withstood numerous admonishments and tirades by Windows users, especially during the ’90s, I too am proud of my .mac address. However, I really wish Apple would resurrect the dogcow so we know there’s still some humanity left in the burgeoning empire. Mood!

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