‘Ultrabook’ makers reportedly face threat of Apple lawsuits over MacBook Air design patents

“Ultrabooks are also facing threats from Apple and its design patents for MacBook Air, and ultrabook players will need to spend more manpower and time on R&D to avoid violating these patents,” Monica Chen and Joseph Tsai report for DigiTimes, citing “sources from the upstream supply chain.”

The sources also said that “the issue has already caused some vendors to hesitate in their ultrabook plans,” Chen and Tsai report.

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Sam Oliver reports for AppleInsider, “Apple has shown a willingness to protect its patented designs for mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad, as evidenced by numerous lawsuits filed by Apple against competing device makers. But while Apple has been aggressive in protecting the design of its iOS devices, it has not yet taken aim at Ultrabook makers who compete with its MacBook Air lineup.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Case in point: the HP FakeBook Air. Oh, wait: They took the black bezel from Apple’s MacBook Pro and slapped it onto their fake MacBook Air. Quelle différence!

HP FakeBook Air (Envy Spectre XT)

HPsung. “Invent.”

At least the printer cartridge peddlers named their FakeBook Air truthfully: “Envy.” Apple envy, obviously.

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  1. “Some thin-and-light PC makers are said to have already hesitated with their Ultrabook plans in fear of a lawsuit from Apple.”

    Wow! How times have changed! Apple was once the “little boy” on the playground whom they all relegated to irrelevance. Now the former “big boys” are running scared. I love the irony.

  2. What do these Bozo’s not understand about not blatantly copying Apple directly and differentiating themselves? Slap upside the head time! Heck I know Apple’s stuff is waaaay cooler than the plastic pathetic junk you make but really guys I know Apple, I’ve bought plenty o’ Apple products and you sirs are no Apple, nor will you ever be. Sorry, ain’t gonna happen Fakebook Airs notwithstanding. You are stuck with the King of Uncool – Microsoft. Of course if you had any class you wouldn’t be copying anyway so misery loves the copying company (from Redmond).

  3. Must be tough to be a PC Maker…their OS (Windows) is not moving along well (Win 8)…and so they didn’t invest in a OS, Hardwarewise, they are challenged too by Apple’s patents..
    Tough spot for making any real and sizable profits, no wonder IBM left this market time ago….

  4. I saw a laptop with a black cover that had a glowing Apple logo. It was weird though, because the apple was UPSIDE DOWN. On closer inspection, it appeared to be an HP laptop with a cover to give the Apple effect. It was like putting a Cadillac hood ornament on a Ford Fiesta.

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