Apple improves beta with new Web apps

“Apple has rolled out the new beta website for registered iOS and Mac developers,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac. “The new website was leaked prior to WWDC and is accessible at”

“The new beta does not include many changes, but Notes and Reminders applications have been built for the web,” Gurman reports. “Also included is a new Find my iPhone and an improved Calendar application.”

Gurman reports, “Apple plans to rollout iOS 6 this fall and OS X Mountain Lion later this month. With Apple only releasing the new beta iCloud website today, it is difficult to pinpoint when the official launch will come.”

More and see screenshots in the full article here.


  1. I could log in and I’m not a developer. Nice to see the beta start to get some functionality. My big requests would be for some photo apps. Photostream is one thing but I already miss my galleries.

  2. I like the new features in the icloud but honestly expect more from Apple. Notes and Reminders app? Common! A good web developer could write in a week. They had a year to work on this and this all we get? How about icloud apps for pages, numbers, keynote, podcasts (not just to sync docs but full online functionality, -editing, sharing, etcs) iphoto, garageband, itunes (with ability to stream music and video), new podcast app with all podcasts synced across all devices, itunes university app, gamecenter, etcs. They should have been able to complete this in year. Not that hard. My worry is that with all these hundreds of millions of stock options – the hunger and desire to over deliver is not there anymore.

  3. I miss Gallery. And iDisk. And iCards, which were nice, quick, free e-cards. (not to be confused with “Cards”, where for $2.99, you create a real card and have Apple print & mail it for you. )

  4. What we need is:
    Mail access to contact groups
    Ability to create and edit groups in Contacts
    Ability to copy the current URL anywhere
    Camera roll accepts photos from built in camera only. Photos from other sources go elsewhere
    Keyboard access to wider character set via popup keys

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