Steve Jobs destroys another rival – from the grave

“You can officially add Research In Motion to the list of companies that Steve Jobs, the late Apple CEO, has dispatched from the technology marketplace. This time Jobs has done it posthumously,” John Shinal reports for MarketWatch.

“With Apple wielding such power, I have to wonder which mobile phone rival might be next on that list, which also includes Nokia,” Shinal reports. “The news that RIM is delaying the release of its next-generation phone is certain to be the death knell for the Canadian maker of the BlackBerry. Despite pioneering corporate email and text delivered to a mobile device, RIM is now toast. Consumers are always on the hunt for the latest features, and the Canadians have now been lapped by the techies from Cupertino for at least three upgrade cycles. The mindshare battle is over. Nokia NOK -1.90% and RIM will be gone as brands soon. Bet on it.”

Shinal reports, “If Microsoft wants its mobile business to survive — in either the hardware or software markets — in the face of the iPhone juggernaut, its time may be very short. The mobile graveyard is getting crowded.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Bloodbath.

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  1. While RIM is in dire straits, if Blackberry 10 is a quality OS it could survive. Certainly could do better than Windows Phone, particularly given its installed base.

    Of course, that’s giving RIM a LOT of credit, benefit of the doubt, etc. etc.

    1. There’s no chance given the enormous amount of layoffs that BB10 will be anything other than a complete and spectacularly horrifying turd. It will be like watching a 18 car fatal pile up in slow motion.

      I hope the soon to be out of work employees have already devised an exit strategy and don’t have their financial futures tied to RIM or it’s stock. It will be hard to watch knowing that there are real people and families who will suffer at the hands of very rich and horribly incompetent leadership.

  2. Like a Mongol horde, Jobs and Apple ride down from the Steppes of Cupertino, laying waste to pretenders and infidels.

    May the mountain of skulls soon include Google, Samsung and Dell.

    1. Famous last words of former Palm CEO Ed Colligan:

      “We’ve learned and struggled for a few years here figuring out how to make a decent phone,” Ed Colligan apparently laughed about with John Markoff last Thursday morning. “PC guys are not going to just figure this out. They’re not going to just walk in.”

      So too did Nokia, RIM’s co-CEO’s and, famously, Steve Ballmer.

      Cue Queen’s ‘Another One Bites the Dust’.

  3. Well I don’t see why they can’t stay around as another brand. It’s healthy to have competition. It’s nice to have more than one car company to choose from. (But I wouldn’t buy a Yugo.)

  4. Lapped for 3 upgrade cycles? Huh?

    1. iPhone 2007
    2. iPhone 3G 2008
    3. iPhone 3GS 2009
    4. iPhone 4 2010
    5. iPhone 4S 2011
    6. iPhone 5 (which while not out, will certainly be released before the next Blackberry)

    1. I wonder if they will follow the iPad lead and drop the modifier after “iPhone”. Come September/October, we may be watching a keynote where they announce simply “The new iPhone”.

  5. BB10 could just be a joke. They said it will be out soon then they take it back and said there will be a delay till not sure when. A sign of trouble company who’s buying time to survive at the expense of its customers

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