Why iPhone 5’s Micro Dock Connector could really be Micro USB

“Hey, iPhone 5 rumor chasers, here is a dopey idea. It is all but certain that when the iPhone 5 ships Apple will have replaced the 30-pin USB connector, a piece of tech that dates to 2001′s original iPod, with a sleeker, smaller, svelter connector,” Ronald Carlson writes for Tapscape.” That said, in addition to regulating shapes and sizes of vegetables, the European Union has also declared that all mobile phones must implement the micro USB standard to reduce the proliferation of chargers, cabling and adapters.”

“Merge and meld the two ideas and you get the nut of the concept proposed by Italy’s Mela blog,” Carlson writes. “Whereas folks have been saying that the new connector would be roughly the size of a micro USB, wouldn’t it make sense if the port was in fact an EU-compatible 19-pin micro USB connector?”

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MacDailyNews Note: The orignal iPod shipped with a FireWire connector. Apple began replacing FireWire on iPods with the 30-pin Dock Connector in 2003.


  1. Interesting… My original 1000 songs the size of a deck of cards had a firewire connector… Guess I didn’t see the USB connector…

    Whatever else is said by Carlson must be as accurate because he pays attention to detail.

    I’m just sayin’


    BTW – I still have my original iPod. Weighs about the same as two or even three iPhones. It is amazing to see how Apple just keeps on keepin’ on.

  2. its not going to be micro USB. i can connect my iphone to my car’s USB to play it on the car’s sound system. this doesn’t work with the standards based open android phones because from what i’ve read microUSB does not carry audio

    i know a lot of people have bluetooth, but the USB in my car charges my phone’s battery and I don’t have USB in my car yet because i didn’t feel like paying the $2000 for the Nav/bluetooth/whatever option

    1. “this doesn’t work with the standards based open android phones because from what i’ve read microUSB does not carry audio”

      —Thats perhaps because android phone suck?

      Because USB can certainly carry (digital) audio. (I actually keep a griffin iMic plugged into my keyboard as a handy desktop Audio I/O and even with USB 1 sub hub speed it can easily stream 4 channels (two in/ two out) on the same port as the mouse and keyboard without even breathing hard.)

      More to the point though, MicroUSB (USB “C”) is an extremely dated (and limited) standard so I doubt that any new connector on an iPhone would just use the (decade old?) existing USB standard. Perhaps Apple is going to push for a new mobile standard to update and fix all (or most) of USB C’s limitations (like they did with sim cards)

    2. Your car stereo may be iOS specific. I can do audio through Micro USB to several devices I own. I use the Mophie Juice Pack with my iPhone and it has Micro USB that I plug into my car stereo when I want to charge the iPhone while driving long distances. Short distances I go Bluetooth (and yes, I turn off the Bluetooth, so it’s sending the audio through USB).

      1. i have a honda cr-v EX-L with 4WD and whatever radio came with the car. there is a real USB port in my glove compartment. i have a USB setting on my radio that plays apple, zune and from a USB stick. even plays DRM files since its all licensed from everyone. i can even do things like skip songs by pressing a button on the steering wheel

        if i shut the screen off it charges the iphone as well

        even plays with spotify, pandora and other apps.

        1. @alent1234,

          I’m not sure what your point is.

          I was responding to your original post, “…from what i’ve read microUSB does not carry audio…”

          Ya I can do everything you just said via Micro USB connected to my iPhone (via the Morphie Juicepack). I don’t know about the Zune simply because I wouldn’t touch that brown piece of ____.

          Anyway, the point being Micro USB is just fine for audio. If you’re not able to play audio from a device via Micro USB, the problem is with one or both of the two devices, and not a limitation of the cable.

  3. iDevices use standard USB chargers, and don’t require a ‘proliferation of cables and adaptors’ because they all have a common cable with a USB connector. I don’t believe this, I’m more inclined to believe the next iPhone, and future iDevices, will have an updated MagSafe connector.
    I’m quite happy to be proved wrong, but MagSafe is a nice elegant solution.

  4. It’s too bad micro USB connectors are so round and symmetrical – it leaves me with 50/50 chance of plugging it in the wrong way each time. I much prefer how HDMI, Firewire, and mini USB connectors are – you can find the right way to plug it in just by looking at how it’s shaped.

    1. You can do that with Micro USB as well, both on the port and the plug. It’s wider on top than on the bottom…looking much like a scaled down HDMI port. Mini USB is a lot more obvious, but I can still look & plug with Micro USB.

      1. You’re right, there is a difference between the top and bottom lengths. It’s a 1.5mm difference, actually (.06 inches). I can see it if I hold it right up to my face, but at that point it’s probably easier to just trying to plugging it in both ways.

        I got the measurements for this diagram:

  5. I read about a year ago that at a global symposium held in Spain, I believe, is pushing for a micro USB standard because an estimated 30 tons of antiquated or non-compatible cell phone chargers are ending up in landfills. Maybe that has something to do with it.

  6. Micro-USB is the dumbest connector ever.
    It’s too small, easy to break, and has none of the extra features that the dock connector has.
    All the wonderful devices that we have require more than USB, and people don’t seem to get it.
    If I wanted a crippled stupid connector then I would have bought an Android phone.

    Do you really think that your iPhone would work with all those audio devices with a USB connector?

    I know this is a pissy rant, but these pundits don’t get it.

    Micro-USB is good for cameras and other dumb devices.

    If Apple is going to switch, might as well put it on the side like the Android asshats have.


    1. dear D-Bog, there is *nothinhg* that would require current huge connector, device can’t even handle FW 800Mbps I/O, so usb 480Mbps is enough 😀

      Damn, you could transfer enough data just with 1 pair of wires. and that would be something like ~100Mbps

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