Forbes: New Sony-Google TV set-top box disappoints, increases desire for Apple TV

“Google is making another big push with Google TV, introducing two new set-top boxes from Sony and expanding the services footprint internationally. As promising as some aspects of its efforts are, the bottom line is disappointing — this is no Apple TV (or more specifically, what we imagine Apple TV might become),” Anthony Wing Kosner reports for Forbes.

“As much as both companies are hoping that consumers around the world will scream, ‘I want my Google TV!’ it’s unlikely to happen,” Kosner reports. “Hands-on reviews in both CNET and Gizmodo come to the same conclusion: somewhat improved hardware and remote are marred by kludgy integration with other devices and overly complex and buggy software… Sam Biddle, in the Gizmodo review finds the Google TV software to be more traffic jam than train wreck, ‘What makes sense works poorly, and what works well shouldn’t be available at all, pulling together all the worst possible parts of using Android together and putting them on the biggest screen you own.'”

Kosner reports, “Apple would never design a two-sided remote, touch screen with physical buttons on the front, full QWERTY keyboard on the back, of the complexity found in Sony’s NSZ controllers. They also would limit the available functions to the things that users actually use, not just everything they could think of. Most importantly, Apple will not come out with a product that is not supported by enough third-party content deals to make it a satisfying experience.”

Much more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “David E.” for the heads up.]


  1. “Apple will not come out with a product that is not supported by enough third-party content deals to make it a satisfying experience.”

    Ya think? 😉

    1. Too funny! None of this will ever materialize as there is no appeal for the masses who could afford this. Apple needs to stay sharp in the next 12 to 18 months and that means focus on your core compentencies as we make our way through what could be a global recession that will dwarf anything we have seen before.

      1. I disagree strongly and iCal’ed your comment. Apple’s core competency is building true innovation into its devices. It will most definitely NOT just throw an Apple branded TV with a nicer RC and Siri on the market.
        A semi-sentient (i.e. sensor equipped) multifunction big screen is exactly what millions of people would pay the extra money for, compared to yet another TV.

        1. Apple would be fools to release a TV with a screen. Low margins. How often do you replace your tv? Once a decade? Less?

          Logitech makes remotes that integrate all your devices seamlessly. If Apple bought them, or simply did the same thing, and combined them with a set top box w/ Siri and apps, that’s where the market is.

    1. Hey, don’t knock those toothpicks that come with every Swiss Army Knife from Victorinox. I’ve had mine for 30+ years and it sure helps get the strings of chicken and pork rib meat from between my teeth!

      But the rest of your comment is fact.

  2. The time will come when Apple has introduced its integrated TV, every manufacturers would think that this is the obvious thing after all to do an integrated TV that they have the right to copy what Apple did right off the bat. Google and Microsoft will strangely throw out their babies out with the bathwater and adopt the Apple’s magic, and with their partners like Samsung copy every small details of the Apple TV. It’s all iPhone’s rigmarole again: what time, money and resources Apple has devoted to make things right the first time will save the industry tons of sweat, blood and tears to achieve. This is the innovator’s dilemma.

  3. Schmidt said a while back that :

    “By the summer of 2012, the majority of the televisions you see in stores will have Google TV embedded”

    (seriously None of them: Google, OEMs will get it right until they have an Apple TV to copy from. Then in the lawsuits they will say that Apple can’t sue them because the solution was ‘obvious’ and the clueless judges, the EU, FTC, ITC etc will believe them …. and the fanboys from Gizmodo and Zdnet will say “they did not copy apple because Goggle TV came first”. )

  4. So why can’t I surf the web on my Apple TV2? Other than the obvious lack of browser. I guess my question is “Why isn’t there a browser on my Apple TV2?”

  5. Consumers … will have the choice between two Sony products to access the service, the new NSZ-GS7 set-top box and an update of the two-year-old NSZ-GT1

    Gotta hand it to Sony. They’re still masters at picking catchy, memorable names for their products…


    1. NSZ is a design designator: Nintendo-Sony-Zamboni
      GS is a series designator: Godzilla Sapporo
      GT is another series designator: Godzilla Tokyo
      The numbers are the revision numbers

      Make sense now?

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