Apple’s bid to block Samsung smartphone, tablet sales in U.S. set for June 29th

“Apple Inc.’s request for a court order blocking U.S. sales of Samsung Electronics Co.’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet computer is scheduled for a court hearing next week, a federal judge said,” Joel Rosenblatt reports for Bloomberg.

“U.S. District Judge Lucy H. Koh in San Jose, California, said she also hopes to rule on Apple’s request to block sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus smartphone before the June 29 hearing,” Rosenblatt reports. “This month, she expedited evidence sharing for Apple’s bid to block sales of Samsung’s latest Galaxy smartphone, the Galaxy S III.”

Rosenblatt reports, “The June 29 hearing will address Apple’s third request to block sales of Samsung’s tablet computer… On June 19, the appeals court reaffirmed its May determination that Apple’s patent on a design of the tablet is likely to withstand challenges to its validity. That decision allowed the Cupertino, California-based company to renew its request to block sales of Samsung’s tablet in the U.S.”

“Samsung yesterday began rolling out its Galaxy S III flagship smartphone in the U.S. through T-Mobile USA Inc.,” Rosenblatt reports. “Apple, anticipating sales of the new phone, told Koh at a previous hearing it was considering filing a request for a temporary restraining order blocking the Galaxy S III before its release. Lawyers for Apple said the move was forced by Samsung’s tactic of releasing new generations of products before courts around the world are able to rule on whether earlier products infringed the patents involved in lawsuits. Apple dropped its request for a restraining order when Koh said it might delay a July 30 trial date.”

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  1. These namby pamby judges need to make tough decisions. Posner with his ” Banning this phone would hurt consumers” crap.
    Hell, I guess if you jail a drug dealer that hurts consumers also.
    If something infringes, it infringes. Shut it down, it’s not like there aren’t hundreds of other phones available.

  2. I pretty much have a desire to boycott Samsung products as well. I had a Samsung Vibrant 2 years ago when the Galaxy S line debuted. Plastic piece of garbage. Not to mention, the screen, at 4″, was too small for me. I like 4.3″, since hardware keyboards are impossible to find in ANY smartphone these days (looking mainly at Apple for that one). I used Windows Mobile back in the mid 00’s, hardware keyboards are essential to me. When I tried a BlackBerry for the first time, I fell in love with the keyboard on it– then realized it was a dying platform. Shame, too, the OS is extremely responsive, even if it lacks a visual flair (at least in OS 5). I’ve finally settled on an HTC One S, with a phenomenal build quality, super-thin, super-light, and super-fast with 42Mbps HSPA+. I’ve had T-Mobile for 8 years, I’m not going to leave them just for a phone, and also won’t spend full retail on an unlocked phone I won’t get 3G on, so in an effort to give iOS a try many years ago, picked up an iPod touch 2G. For a long while, I couldn’t blame anyone for trolling Android. It was pretty bad, but as a developer, I loved it. I’ve spent many days just ripping into the source code and tweaking it to my liking– removing features I don’t like, adding things I wanted. It wasn’t until this past year that it really sealed the deal for me. I bought an iPod touch 4G when they came out 2 years ago, and for a while it really had an advantage, especially with FaceTime. Now, thanks to Skype, GTalk, and Tango (and getting a phone w/ a FFC) I lost usage in my iPod. Every app on my iPod is available on my phone now, and my Motorola Xoom. I’m not trying to say that either platform is superior, but I am giving Android credit for being an option in the first place. And the thing that really kills me is the constant barrage of fire that “EVERYTHING” is a ripoff from the iPhone. Notification pane in iOS 5 (which is poorly implemented BTW, I can’t press the X buttons to save my life) came from Android… Almost entirely a ripoff by Apple. But not important– Android was the next-in-line from Sidekick, and started being developed in 2005, long before the iPhone was a known concept, long before Google bought Android. Andy Rubin was responsible for Sidekick back in the day, a platform I still love just because of the ingenious ease of use. Microsoft killed that, which I find a shame just as much as the loss of my Zune. My Zune had killed my need to ever buy an iPod for music again (had 4 diff classic models), due to wireless syncing. My Zune HD was killed by Google Music, so I guess it’s even regardless, but I still loved just plugging my Zune into my Xbox 360 and listening to my music while gaming, something my iPod just doesn’t seem to work on… It comes down to Apple just being a pain in my side nowadays. Everything else is working with just about anything else. But not Apple. God, no, it’s their way or the highway. Just like with computers. And don’t get me wrong, I have 2 dead Apple computers in my attic. They died much sooner than any of the PC’s I’ve built in the last 10 years. My iBook especially, was the bane to my existence. I’ve never had to tear a laptop apart so many times to fix things that went wrong internally, from drives to the charging port. Apple has its place in this world, over-charging for something I can get much cheaper, and have a better experience on, due to my desire to tinker and toy with everything. Sure, SJ wanted people NOT to tinker and toy with everything. That works for my grandmother– not for me. If I want to replace my homescreen on my phone with a different one, screw you SJ, I’m gonna do it— on my Android phone. And yes, I’m aware of jailbreaking, I jailbroke both of my iPods, but that gets way too complex, and makes for a nightmare when updates come out. My iPod is still on 5.0.1 because I have no clue if there’s a newer untethered jailbreak. I frankly could care less, my iPod is never used any more. Funny thing is, I’ve noticed my friends, which aren’t as tech savvy as I, also ditched their iPhones and iPods, in favor of Android devices. In some ways, a bad idea for them, but it comes down to the age-old price issue. If all you can afford is $50/mo for something like StraightTalk, then I guess you’re not going to be flashing a fancy full-price iPhone. Then again, you shouldn’t have an Android phone either, regardless of how cheap it was. Android should only be considered competitive if the device is $400+ for full retail. Either way, it’s imperative that a lot of the Apple crowd, with the ongoing sheepish following of SJ, be able to stop acting like Apple is the ONLY consumer electronics company in this world. I’m an equal-opportunity technology user… I rock a Windows Phone (HTC HD7), along with my Android device. What can I say? I love my Xbox 360, and I WAS bringing the Windows Phone with me just for my Xbox gamertag. Now that the Xbox App is available on Android, I may never need my Windows Phone again. With all that said, how many Apple fans are now going to pummel me? Or have I actually pointed out a true niche-case? Am I the only person who will actually grab products from each major platform and toy with them all, deciding upon Android as the superior platform (for my needs)? It seems to be something that has driven an explosive adoption since Oct 19th, 2008. I watched it happen from the beginning with a G1, this platform is going sailing sky-high. And there’s little that can be done to stop it, especially with how Samsung is performing. Do I agree with some things they are doing, absolutely not. But, they have the freedom to do as they please until a court tells them no. Just like Google does. Apple sues every Android vendor out there (except LG, ironically… and ZTE, they make Android phones that LOOK EXACTLY like iPhones), but Apple still won’t go after Google. Oh, and btw, thanks Apple, your stupid injunction on HTC broke a functionality I loved so dearly– When I try to tap on items to get the “Choose application for this action” dialog, such as web site links, they don’t work. Allegedly the whole contact handling issue caused HTC to prevent any other issue like that from arising. I had to go fix that myself. Utter garbage. Let me have my experience MY WAY. Stupid fruit…

      1. Yes, my return key broke when iTunes froze on my computer, I bashed the return key with my iPod and all that happened was a sad Mac logo. =D

        I kid, I was just in one of my moods, where I typed furiously and didn’t go back and check where logical paragraphs should have been placed. Long story short; I hate Samsung, their way of doing things is ass-backward for Android developers like myself. HTC has things right, with an unlock command to allow me to flash the partitions the way I want them. Also, Apple has things right for the people who aren’t power users, but for those of us looking to tinker, if not downright recode the operating system, Google has Android 100% on the dot. End story.

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