With Siri and new alliances, Apple takes on Google search

“When Apple Inc sends out its coveted invitations to major events, one CEO has always been making the guest list of late: Jeremy Stoppelman,” Poornima Gupta reports for Reuters. “The co-founder and chief executive officer of consumer review website Yelp Inc has never taken the stage at these gatherings, but his company has become an important weapon in Apple’s arsenal as it steps up its assault on ally-turned-rival Google Inc. Yelp and a handful of other major consumer content sites, including movie reviewer Rotten Tomatoes and restaurant reservation service OpenTable, will be helping to power Apple’s Siri, the voice-activated iPhone personal assistant, in the new mobile operating system iOS6 [sic].”

“Much more than just a clever feature, Siri is emerging as a key tool for what some in the industry call ‘casual search’ – quickly finding routine information such as a restaurant location. This can bypass Google and other traditional search engines,” Gupta reports. “That serves the interests of Apple, which sees an opportunity to muscle in on its rival’s core business and build related advertising revenue. Siri is also a potential lifeline for Yelp and other content companies, which have found themselves competing with Google.”

Gupta reports, “”Apple is systematically dialing back its reliance on Google services – most recently by announcing it is going into mapping big-time… Rather than compete with Google on keyword search – which would mean battling algorithms refined by the millions of searches performed every day – Apple is taking a different tack by focusing on a subset of the search universe that users are mostly likely to scour while they are out and about. That includes restaurants, movies, sports, business listings, maps and locations… Advertisers value these searches, which are closely linked to location, time and intent, said David Tennenhouse, venture capitalist with New Venture Partners and former CEO of A9.com, the search unit of Amazon.com Inc. ‘You can think of this as cream-skimming,’ Tennenhouse said. ‘Can I skim off some of the most valuable searches? There is a huge range of value here.'”

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    1. You won’t see a demise but what you may very well see is a dramatic slow down in the growth of Google revenue and profits, followed by a stagnation in their stock price.

      Google could turn out to be a stagnant cash cow that sits on its search monopoly by itself with lots of money and no friends, and no significant growth opportunities readily available.

    2. Demise or at least a shadow of their former selves. Google has rightfully made enemies of both Microsoft & Apple and will “pay the price for their lack of vision.” It’s so satisfying when evil can be dispatched with changing technology. Google has garroted themselves.

  1. never fully understood how google’s board member deceived and took advantage of apple inside info. can someone provide a link so i can learn exactly what happened? thanks.

    1. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mobileweb/2012/04/26/google-phone-2006-first-android_n_1455345.html

      Eric Schmidt was on Apples board of directors at the time the iPhone was being developed and was one of the few people to know details about it prelaunch. Googles original design was NOTHING like the iPhone. At the time Apple trusted Google and Schmidt. After the revealed that they completely redesigned Android OS to work on iPhone- like form factors, with iPhone features (pinch to zoom, multi-touch, etc) Eric was forced to quickly ‘resign’ from this post on Apples board.

      1. thank you. what a real dirtbag eric schmidt is. i think maybe jobs was willing to grant schmidt the benefit of some honor and integrity and when you do that and you’re betrayed, it’s like the ultimate violation. like rape. jobs had a lot of integrity. i guess he assumed schmidt did, too and schmidt stabbed him in the back. if i’m reading this right.

  2. Yelp is evil. Just like Google. If a business doesn’t sign on with the high pressure sales force at Yelp the reviews suddenly turn negative. It’s a fact. Never ever trust a review from Yelp. In fact do as people used to do, talk to people you know about a business. If they like it, use that as a basis for your decision. Yelp is evil.

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