Chinese company holding the iPad trademark in trouble, faces liquidation threat

“A Chinese court on Wednesday heard a Taiwanese company’s appeal to liquidate Proview Technology which has been in legal disputes with Apple over the use of the iPad trademark,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple. “If they lose, say analysts, the iPad trademark case against Apple could be brought to an abrupt halt.”

“According to a Chinese publication, the Higher People’s Court of Guangdong Province opened court on Wednesday afternoon to hear the appeal launched by Proview Shenzhen’s creditor Fubon Insurance, which is aimed at having the debt-ridden Proview Shenzhen declared bankrupt,” Purcher reports. “Legal experts said Proview Shenzhen’s lawsuit against Apple could be halted if Fubon’s liquidation request is accepted by the court.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Here’s hoping the Proview extortionists get FUBAR’ed by Fubon.

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    1. Thanks, I actually was wondering why a creditor wouldnt wait until proview won something, but this makes sense. Maybe they’re pissed that proview skipped the original offer and want to try to renegotiate with apple.

      1. I don’t think so. Any serious business would already know the iPad name was already sold outright for China. It’s written in Proview’s contract with Apple for anyone to see. AND Proview already lost a court case exactly a year ago regarding the trademark in Hong Kong, the court of dispute designated in the contract. This has been a 100% NON-issue being perpetrated by the last vestiges a criminal and quite moribund company. IOW: I doubt Fubon would waste their time and money going near this BS.

  1. I wonder if the CEO of Fubon Insurance got a call from Tim Cook?

    Then again, all Apple really had to do was run out the clock on Proview, and it looks like we’re in the last few seconds of the fourth quarter.

  2. If [Proview] lose, say analysts, the iPad trademark case against Apple could be brought to an abrupt halt.

    Or Apple could securely lock this BS issue in the tomb with the snarky move of tossing a Fen for it at Proview’s bankruptcy auction.

    There is no doubt Proview is long overdue for bankruptcy. Their ‘offices’ look like ruins from the last century that have been ransacked by grave robbers. Seriously, give up the ghost Proview. You’ve already lost your souls. You’re the walking dead.

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