Microsoft Windows Phone 8 to launch this fall with NFC e-wallet support

“Microsoft on Wednesday took the wraps off of Windows Phone 8, set to launch this fall alongside Windows 8 for PCs and the new Surface tablet, featuring e-wallet support with NFC chips, as well as support for high-definition screens,” AppleInsider reports.

“Windows Phone 8 was unveiled at Microsoft’s Windows Phone Developer Summit, where the company announced that the platform will support multi-core CPUs and high-definition screen resolutions,” AppleInsider reports. “The new Windows Phone 8 will also borrow much of its code base from Windows 8, which will allow developers to create applications that can be run on phones, tablets and desktops all running Microsoft’s operating systems.”

AppleInsider reports, “The operating system will also support near-field communications chips with a native wallet application that will store credit and debit cards, as well as loyalty and membership cards. ”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Now, make sure you watch those Apple patents, Derivativesoft.

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    1. Yeah I know, I wonder how those fools who just bought Nokia Lumia’s are feeling about now. Took no time at all to be already abandoned by Microsoft, but of course that’s an MS “feature.”. Users and manufacturing partners alike feel the “love” from Redmond. BWAHAHAHA!

    2. Matter of fact…. no device pre Windows 8 can get the full upgrade as none have NFC capabilties. This said they will get upgraded to 7.8 which will simply mean no NFC features.

      Nothing unusual here as the platform is moving to a multi-core NFC capable device requirement a la SIRI on iPhone 4 if you will.

      MS are doing things right and there is nothing wrong with this at all as it will keep the Apple engineers on their toes. As for suggesting that MS somehow raids other paltforms, need I remind you that Apple Inc. does the same in many respect. The Android like notification feature being the most recent Apple tweaked competitor feature.

      1. Ok so, on Microsoft way of thinking, on my iPhone 3GS I should have iOS 3.5 and regret not to be able to use the latest Apps that need iOS 5.
        And I also should feel OK with that…

  1. “[C]reate applications that can be run on phones, tablets and desktops all running Microsoft’s operating systems…”
    Other than ARM v Intel processors, and input devices, and keyboards, and display resolutions, and ram configs, etc. etc., etc…

    1. With the .net framework ARM or Intel won’t matter. The code will be compiled to MSIL and then compiled to Intel or ARM by the JIT compiler the first time you run the app.

      The same metro app will run on Intel or ARM basically

  2. iCal me. Micro$loth will hastily arrange an announcement where they will unveil a Windows 8 phone with NFC right after Apple announces their media event where they are expected to unveil the iPhone 5 with NFC capabilities.

    A Googlian move.

        1. Yes… I meant it as an affirnative and not a question. Windows 8 Phones will have NFC HENCE trumps iPhone’s potential suggestion of some revolutionary feature when they launch iPhone 5.

  3. Windows 8 is coming. All mac’s going back to there places where they belong under the desk, or a very lonely corner collecting dust. Cheer up mac fans your desktops gonna look lovely. Again.

      1. Don’t worry about him. He’s been posting the exact same thing seval times today without any bites. Unfortunately I actually think he believes it. Poor sod is going to have some terrible trouble adjusting his world view to reality when it strikes once again.

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