Google to launch iPad killer in coming weeks, sources say

“Apple Inc. and Google Inc. have brought mobile giants Nokia Corp. and Research In Motion Ltd. to their knees and captured more than 80% of the world’s smartphone market. Now they are going after the rest,” Jessica E. Vascellaro and Amir Efrati report for The Wall Street Journal.

“Apple is marching into new markets—most recently U.S. prepaid mobile phones—to continue the growth of its iPhone and iPad devices and iOS software,” Vascellaro and Efrati report. “Google is partly adopting Apple’s integrated model by manufacturing some devices on its own and it plans to sell several devices directly with big marketing campaigns.”

“Google, which gives away its Android software to device makers, doesn’t make much money from the devices, even though it comes preloaded with Google’s search engine and other services, analysts say. Its free software also has spawned devices with hundreds of different screen sizes and versions. Many Android devices are powered by older versions of the software, making it a challenge for apps to work well across them,” Vascellaro and Efrati report. “Google is moving to address such issues: Its $12.5 billion acquisition of handset maker Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. takes it directly into hardware. Google also opened an online store to sell future Android devices, and is expected to spend heavily to promote the gadgets.”

Vascellaro and Efrati report, “In coming weeks, Google is expected to unveil a lower-priced Android tablet that it developed with Asustek Computer Inc. to dent the market share of Apple’s iPad, people familiar with the matter have said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple is moving like a tremendous machine! Have fun trying to catch Secretariat at The Belmont, assorted Shams.

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    1. The fact that ASUSTEK is making it says a lot about Motogoog. That they are on their way to joingin RIMM and NOK in irrelevance. Where are the ASUSTECk and gOOG sweatshops and how much capacity do they have. Appple lawyeers ready to pounce.

  1. *Yawn* How many times has Google released iOS devices killers now?

    So suddenly, they are going to get the tablet right? If it still has Android, then it won’t stand a chance.

  2. The difference between iOS and Android running smart phone vs the same running a tablet, from strictly a market share point of view: No carrier subsidies.

    This is one major reason why Android has acquired so much market share running on phones, but has failed to gain traction on tablets. You still can’t get a free, or nearly free tablet.

    And when you can’t virtually give the hardware away, you can’t possibly compete with Apple.

    1. Then there was the interval where the iPhone was only on AT&T (In the US). Android took off on the other carriers. As we’ve seen, that headstart has lost its advantage as the other carriers have gotten the iPhone and it has surpassed their Android sales.

  3. Here is how to make an iPad killer: buy as much iPads as you can, Google, and sell for half the price. In no time you will sell trillions of them. Any other way is impossible. This advise was for free, Google. Good luck.

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