Apple’s revolutionary iPad widens lead as tablet sales surge

“The global market for tablet computers is growing faster than expected, with Apple’s iPad widening its lead as consumers’ top choice, according to market researcher International Data Corp.,” Adam Satariano reports for The San Francisco Chronicle.

“Worldwide shipments of tablets this year will be 107.4 million units, up from an earlier projection of 106.1 million, IDC said Thursday,” Satariano reports. “Worldwide shipments should reach 142.8 million next year and 222.1 million by 2016, the group said.”

Satariano reports, “Apple’s iPad continues to dominate the market. IDC predicts the iPad will account for 62.5 percent of global shipments this year, up from 58.2 percent last year. Apple’s share could rise even further if it introduces a smaller, less expensive tablet… Shipments of tablets using Android will slip to 36.5 percent, from 38.7 percent last year, according to IDC.

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MacDailyNews Take: Our iCal points to an article of interest:
IDC: Android tablets will overtake Apple’s iPad in worldwide market share by 2015 – March 14, 2012

That was a mere 3 months ago.

Obviously, IDC is floundering around in search of a clue. Here it is: Apple is rapidly and handily destroying all you’ve come to know and think you love, IDC et al. After decades of being ripped off, maligned, and denigrated, Apple and their users are finally taking their rightful place atop the personal computing realm, exactly where they’ve always belonged. Get used to it.

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  1. “Apple’s share could rise even further if it introduces a smaller, less expensive tablet.”

    Just when it looks like Apple would be fine resting on their laurels with a single iPad, BOOM, they hit ’em with the $299 iPad mini. It’ll be the iPod nano all over again.

    1. I believe a small tablet would add incrementally to sales and earnings, but it would also take Apple down the path of producing (pardon the term) cheap products, simply to gain market share. That would detract from the prestige/luxury/status value of Apple products, which I believe could damage Apple’s success in China.

      Apple achieves its status value in the US, but that status pays off in sales in China, its largest market.

      That also explains why Apple is unlikely to come out with a stripped-down $49 iPhone.

  2. Now would be a good time to rid iOS from Assinine crap like the 20 file limit on folders.

    Or show me what f$cking folder an app is in when I search for it.

    I could just go on and on.

  3. Just like there are A4, A5, A6 (8.5×11 & 5×8 & 4×5 in the U.S.) note pads for different uses in the world. There are different uses for a 10″ and a 7″ tablet. (I also think there could be a small niche for 15″ tablets, but that niche might be too small to be of any value to a tablet maker. Conversely, I can’t imagine that a 5″ tablet will be of much value to anyone.)

    With retina displays and state of the art touch support a 7″ tablet is almost a no brainer.

  4. But wait!!! Mister Softy plans to plop down One. Billion. Dollars. (1.2 actually…) for “Yammer” and now they’re goona build thir own iPad-killin’ Windoze tablet. I’ll love watching this stuff play out. Mister Softy isn’t playing nice any more, Apple!

    1. It’s sad really seeing Ballmer flap frantically around in the putrifying water as the MS Titanic keeps sinking in mind and market share. And without a clue how to stay afloat. This will end up very badly for the employed folks up in Redmond, WA soon to be Ghostown, USA.

  5. An individual or group purchasing wannabe tablets other than an iPad has been misled or cojoled to do so by others usually as intellectualy challenged as themselves. Ignorance is Bliss!

    1. Just had to help someone who was convinced to buy an Android tablet and a Verizon MiFi instead of an iPad with inbuilt 3/4G (he’s was told the mIFi had 5G). It was hard not to show him how he had been duped. If Android captures market share it will be with a combination of ignorance and deception.

  6. I went to the Apple store yesterday to get a new battery for my MacBook Pro. While I was there I said screw it and bought my first iPad. I was worried it was going to be redundant and a waste of money but I bought it anyway. after playing with this thing for two hours I realized it is amazing. I can’t put it down who wouldnt want one of these? In fact I dictated this whole comment and the iPad typed it out for me.

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