Apple’s ‘iTV’ will be revolutionary but it won’t kill the cable companies

“As the world excitedly awaits the arrival of Apple TV this fall, one of the thoughts being touted is that Apple is planning on destroying the cable companies,” Eric Jackson writes for Forbes. “However, there are many good reasons why this won’t happen initially and why Apple’s far more likely to partner with the cable companies instead of killing them.”

Jackson writes, “Apple will sell you 4 internet-connected screens in your home: the Mac, the iPad, the iPhone and their TV. They all will talk to each other and they’re knit together with 125 million iCloud subscribers and AirPlay. And, unlike Android subscribers, iOS users actually use wifi on their devices and actually browse the web. There are other manufacturers who make 3 of these 4 screens (e.g., Samsung and Google) but no other competitor who makes all 4. That’s huge. It’s a gigantic opportunity in front of Apple.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Ellis D.” for the heads up.]


    1. I think you’re right on principle, though an iTV might incorporate other services that AppleTV doesn’t — such as a cable converter box, a hard drive for storing broadcasts, a DVD player, a wi-fi router, features for a mini-home entertainment system, etc. But those, too, could be added to a beefed-up AppleTV without going ahead and producing a full-size TV unit.

      ON THE OTHER HAND, Apple’s standard practice is to incorporate great software (iOS, iTunes, Safari, etc.) in devices (tablets, phones) that other companies — after observing Apple’s design elements — can produce nearly as well, then charging a premium price for the device, with a premium profit margin.

      Because that’s how Apple rolls, we can’t rule out the possibility that Apple will produce an iTV even though 90% of the benefits COULD be realized merely by improving AppleTV and selling a unit for

          1. So Tim Cook is an idiot for creating a product that doesn’t exist!? I’m not sure I follow your logic here?

            Is he an idiot for some other reason or because a he might release a TV or because there won’t be!?

            Or would dI just be better off not reading anything posted by you? Yeah, I think my I.Q. just dropped a few points.

        1. @peterblood71: thank you for the use of your crystal ball and fine display of thesaurus use.

          Now name one thing that an integrated TV set would be able to do that the current AppleTV would not be able to do. We’ll wait until you can think of something.

          1. iOS could be the main interface to all other inputs. As it is now, TV interfaces are complete crap. An AppleTV box is a satellite device hanging off one of the inputs. Putting the AppleTV into the TV set would allow it to be the central device and possibly be able to control other devices plugged into it.

          2. Actually, even though I doubt they would go this far, a 46-60″ screen with a Thunderbolt port and camera could be connected to one box that accepts cable, dish, modem, wireless router, Time Machine backups, iTunes/ iPhoto/ iMovie servers, and have inputs for games/media and outputs for audio, not to mention a browser.

            It would be a cross between a Mini, TV, Airport, and CableCard DVR.

            Of course, if it does all this, why make the screen rather than just a killer set-top?

            Maybe that’s the plan….

            1. Unless of course you believe Steve Jobs was smart enough to hire people that could actually make their own brilliant decisions… Apparently you do not have as much faith in Steve Jobs as you claim?

  1. Remember the “ancient“ prototype of the set top box that supossly became the actual apple tv set top box,that what apple never did,and did it years later when passing to another kind of processor,if they are a product company they should continue to make new products,not the same produtcs with only a little more of perfomance or cliché on hardware,and they say they dont want 100% of market witch is the opossite,its a deja-vus company,they promise and promise and they only make on the next generation,not in the actual generation of produtcs

  2. Apple should make an ultra thin iPanel that can be used as a display for any device: MB, iPad, iPhone or AppleTV.

    And make a wireless surround sound system that works with any device.

    Integrating the AppleTV function into a display makes no sense. Content can come from any of Apple’s iDevices.

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