Apple posts video of WWDC 2012 Keynote Address

Apple has posted streaming video from the company’s WWDC 2012 Keynote Address in which they announced a slew of new software and hardware products, including, iOS 6 (with all new Maps, Siri features, Facebook integration, Shared Photo Streams via iCloud, and more), OS X Mountain Lion, updated MacBook Air and current gen MacBook Pro models, and an all-new MacBook Pro with Retina display.

Apple’s presentation features:
• Tim Cook, CEO
• Scott Forstall, Senior Vice President iOS Software
• Philip W. Schiller, Senior Vice President Worldwide Marketing
• Craig Federighi, Senior Vice President, Software Engineering

In the video, the demo of Apple’s new 3D Maps Flyover feature begins at 142:10.

See the 113:12 video here.


      1. This is not a new Mac Pro. There is no new Mac Pro yet. Siri on the New iPad is a very big deal. If you don’t think so you are probably mistaken.

    1. You’re joking right? You must not have actually watched it. This was one of the best keynotes I’ve seen from Apple. It lasted nearly 2 hours and I never got the sense that it lagged. It had emotion, anticipation, and overall presented a very coherent/cohesive overview of the upcoming features/products announced. Not only that, but the delivery was great. It’s everything I love about apple: smart, not gimmicky, and genuine.

      Yeah I would’ve loved to see Apple TV and Siri APIs, but the keynotes will never satiate the expectations drummed up by the inevitable rumors.

  1. It was an awesome Keynote. But still not in the Keynote Podcasts as of 11pm Pacific. Need the 1080p download ASAP. iOS 6 part starts 1 hour 9 minutes in for 44 minutes. Anyone who was disappointed by this keynote is living in fantasyland. This was among the best keynotes ever.

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