1. I contend that with better new music ping would have been more successful. It’s goal was to allow users to ‘discover and share new music’- well, there isn’t any substantial music being released right now to do that with. I don’t need to share my 30 year old Bob Dylan picks, I don’t want to receive lady gaga recommendations.

    Dub-step is what all the kids are into nowadays- not actual music at all, just beeps and boops and bass.

    1. You are wrong, Jim Morrison predicted EDM years and years ago. I would certainly consider it Music. Good or bad music? Now that is the question you are attempting to answer. I leave that to the subjective opinion of the listener.

  2. Who are these minority of people using Ping? Seems incredulous that Apple would continue to update and improve Ping if it hasn’t captured the interest of users.

    1. Ping: “You’re about to be absorbed into a new universe of making connections accepting connections, denying connections, ignoring invitations, learning new interfaces, being asked to authorize stuff and wondering about privacy and who is thinking what about you because you once enjoyed and chose a Selena Gomez album… CANCEL OR ALLOW?”

  3. Kill it dead, and finally allow the merging and separating of accounts. All the iTunes kids are getting married and it would make things similar to have accounts with sub accounts.

  4. It’s pretty simple. Sean Parker killed Ping because he wanted Spotify to take off.

    “Hey Mark, don’t do the Ping thing… Let’s make Spotify the defacto music sharing app… ”

    Okay. Deal’s off. Ping is aborted.

  5. I started to sign up for Ping, but was startled to learn that it required using my real name, as given on my Apple account credit card and that it would retroactively convert all my prior reviews to my real name. What’s the point of forcing that kind of inflexibility?

    1. Didn’t know that (never bothered with Ping), good point.

      This even more stupid than Google forcing real names on Google Plus–more because on G+ you could still get away with an alias that’s plausibly real, with Ping it’s pulled straight from your credit card–your actual, legal name.

  6. I used Ping because I’m a musician and I wanted to support a social network dedicated to music.

    Many other famous musicians also got on the Ping bandwagon when it was released.

    If Ping failed it’s because Apple let it.

  7. do we really need ANOTHER f***ing stupid social network in our lives. I don’t! I have enough with Facebook following me all day everwhere… I get sick when I see every morning the icon “like it” popping up just before I flush the toilette…

    People… what’s happening? Wake up and see around you!

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