Nokia says nano-SIM winner is technically inferior, will still license essential patents

“Following ETSI’s decision on the final design of the nano-SIM (or 4FF) standard, Nokia has released a statement,” Dan Seifert reports for MobileBurn.

Nokia continues to believe that the selected nano-SIM proposal is technically inferior and not suitable for a number of applications, but the ETSI Smart Card Platform Technical Committee has now made its decision. Nokia believes that the existing micro-SIM (3FF) will continue to be a preferred option for many manufacturers and devices and so ultimately the market will decide whether 4FF is widely adopted.

As Nokia believes that ETSI has taken steps to address Nokia’s original concerns over the standardization process, we have advised ETSI that we are prepared to license any Nokia patents which are essential to implement the standard, on FRAND terms.

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, Nokia, the market most certainly will decide. 😉

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  1. Uh, and sorry to ask, but exactly WHO said this? Is Nokia still in business? A company that is just a couple of months away from becoming a penny stock has very little credibility in the international marketplace. Talk about blowing an insurmountable lead!

  2. In the smartphone marketplace, who is Nokia?
    In the dumbphone marketplace, sadly Nokia is still a player.

    In a marketplace where smartphones are the future… Nokia will be the next RIMM.

    RIMM… How the mighty has fallen in just 5 or so years… From being the only real smartphone out there, to the guys that dont even register in sales anymore…

  3. Ahh yess for the days when Palm’s CEO Ed Colligan said “We’ve learned and struggled for a few years here figuring out how to make a decent phone,” he said. “PC guys are not going to just figure this out. They’re not going to just walk in.'”

    Uhh…but that is exactly what Apple did and old Ed is out of his job. Palm, Moto, RIM, Nokia. You lead, follow or go BK. So far they seem to be going BK (yeah I exagerate a bit).

  4. Why does ANYONE outside of the manufacturers and the service providers who distribute the SIMs give a flying rats putootie what the freakin’ SIM in their phone is or even if they have one?

    I have had three iPhones since 1997, all have a SIM inside and not a single time have I ever seen the damn thing.

    This is about the most pointless and trivial topic regarding iPhones and other devices imaginable. It’s even less important than the old Intel vs. AMD argument or the more idiotic x86 vs. PPC argument. Does the device you own do what you bought it for? If yes, then use it and shut the $%#& up!

    1. True, for the layman. But some of us here in Silicon Valley, and apparently Finland, DO care as we make these decisions for the rest of the world…though MDN isn’t, and probably shouldn’t be, our sounding board.

  5. What’s the big deal with a sim card. The only data you need on it is the subscribers phone and data info. If your device is made properly you won’t need it for anything else. I thought that’s what a sim card is made to do in the first place. If the sim slot is smaller and takes up less space then it should be easier to incorporate it into a new device, not harder.

    1. Rim entered and they are grasping for air.
      Nokia entered and fading fast.

      So who – Apple, Microsoft, Google, Cherry Mobile, Ericsson, Sony, Giesecke & Devrient, Rim, Motorola, or Radiolinja?

      “It is still not clear if ETSI did choose Apple’s design or if it opted for the revised design proposed by Motorola and RIM that still preserved backwards compatibility with older SIM card slots.”

      “The Verge reports that Nokia “believes” the selected design was indeed Apple’s, but ETSI has not confirmed either way.”

      “Regardless, it is good to know that Nokia will not be withholding patent licenses from companies that choose to use the new nano-SIM card in their devices.”

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