Apple’s iOS still dominating the mobile Web over Android – by a large margin

NetMobileShare measured “hits on their clients’ Web pages over the past 12 months (representing about 160 million visitors per month), it shows the share from iOS devices — both iPhones and iPads — rising nearly 20%, to 62.% in May 2012 from 52.4% in June 2011,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“In the same period, Android’s share rose to 19.7% from 14.3%. That’s larger percentage gain — nearly 38% — but considerably less than you might expect given the growth in Android sales,” P.E.D. reports.

More info, including a nice chart, in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. What was most brilliant first off with iOS
      was how Apple chose to handle the multitasking.
      So many users of Android hate the battery drain and data used on apps running in the background… iOS wins by a land slide.
      And so many non-computer folk like my parents and my sisters kids – computing on a iPad is a Blast.
      Apple took simplicity and made things even better to so many other newbies all over the planet.

  1. Ironic. All that trouble and expense to develop Android, when those users don’t surf the web and generate ad clicks, which is how Google makes it’s money. Moronic.

    1. Ironic, but not moronic. Google had a choice, develop Android or have the non-iPhone market go almost entirely to Microsoft. Android hurts Apple, but the iPhone doesn’t hurt Google. The real irony is that Google makes more money from iPhone users than it does from Android and Microsoft makes more money from Android than from Windows Phone.

    1. I heard using Android phones
      can actual diminish the size of your ‘weenis’.
      Since, I was born this way, I thought it would be
      the cheapest solution for me to reverse my issue.

  2. A ad asset company can’t be a tech leader. Good Ideias generate good products. If they provide value I buy them. Google is a facicility of tard open ‘sourcerers’. Everything flows with magic and in the end u have no Product, only fake copied/random ideas. still, is a tremendous company. Just hope they avoid Corning glass on their digital glasses. Maybe Corning is open sourceable or non-copyrightable.

  3. Isn’t the phrase “growth in Android sales” an oxymoron, since Android is given away for free? Why does everyone in the press tout Android, when it is phones being sold 9certainly not tablets or other devices without iOS)? Compare existing devices from with hybrid Anroid based systems to all iOS devices including iPads, iPod touches, Apple TV and the reason for the difference becomes clear. iOS devices that access the Internet far outsell Android devices. Tech writing journalists are looking for headlines not the truth. Time to compare apples to Apple.

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