Penguin and Macmillan blast U.S. DOJ, deny e-book ‘price fixing’ allegations

“The government’s complaint ‘piles innuendo on top of innuendo.’ It is based ‘entirely on the little circumstantial evidence it was able to locate.’ And it ‘sides with a monopolist,” Julie Bowman reports for The New York Times. “These arguments were part of a response by two publishers, Penguin Group USA and Macmillan, to a Justice Department lawsuit filed in April that accused five major publishing houses of conspiring with Apple to fix the price of e-books. Three of the publishers, Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins and the Hachette Book Group, denied violating antitrust laws but agreed last month to settle with the government.”

Bowman reports, “Penguin and Macmillan, which declined to settle, filed responses in United States District Court in New York on Tuesday, not only denying that they had fixed prices but also taking direct aim at Amazon, the online retailer that has emerged as a significant threat to the longstanding business model for publishers. In its 74-page response, Penguin called Amazon ‘“predatory’ and a ‘monopolist’ that treats books as ‘widgets.’ It asserted that Amazon, not Penguin, was the company engaging in anticompetitive behavior, to the detriment of the industry.”

“In Macmillan’s 26-page response, it said, ‘Absent any direct evidence of conspiracy, the government’s complaint is necessarily based entirely on the little circumstantial evidence it was able to locate during its extensive investigation, on which it piles innuendo on top of innuendo, stretches facts and implies actions that did not occur and Macmillan denies unequivocally.’ …Apple filed its own response to the lawsuit last week, denying that it was part of a conspiracy. In its filing, Apple also referred to Amazon, saying that the government was siding with ‘monopoly, rather than competition.’”

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  1. From the lowliest union thug, to the socialist dictators “nationalizing” the hard work of others, the art of the shakedown is continually being perfected by the left.

  2. The Justice enforcer guys tasked with eliminating anti-competitive monopolistic behaviour are accused of supporting Amazon’s model to monopolise market share with undervalued e-books. Is that what you’re saying? :wow:

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