Liar Mike Daisey blasts Mossberg, Swisher over Tim Cook interview

“Mike Daisey, a longtime Apple critic and monologist, has turned his sights on All Things Digital’s Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher over their interview this week with Apple CEO Tim Cook,” Don Reisinger reports for CNET. “‘Kara and Walt — do you really think you asked hard questions tonight? Goodness, you got Cook to admit that Ping was a failure! That’s amazing,’ Daisey wrote on his personal blog yesterday. ‘If only you had another hour, so you could get him to tell us who he liked best on Dawson’s Creek and what kind of ice cream is best: vanilla or cookies and cream. (Trick question: it’s always cookies and cream.)'”

“Swisher didn’t take the criticisms lightly. Shortly after Daisey published his post, she took to her Twitter feed, telling him that his ’15 minutes were up already,’ adding that it was a ‘good effort to make yourself relevant.’ Mossberg tweeted that ‘being attacked by an admitted liar is sort of a badge of honor,” Reisinger reports. “Daisey has become a bit of a lightning rod in the Apple world. To Apple fans, he’s widely viewed as an instigator and someone who takes aim at the company for little or no reason.”

Mike Daisey (Photo: Greg Sandoval/CNET)
Mike Daisey (Photo: Greg Sandoval/CNET)

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MacDailyNews Take: Although we figure approximately half of one will do the job, we encourage you to send Twinkies to the obviously famished Mike “The Fat Fscking Liar” Daisey in the hope that he’ll simply explode and we’ll never again have to cover anything he’s says or marvel at his chin count (email him for his address at

That photograph of Daisey makes us want to watch WALL·E again.

Yeah, yeah, we know: He has a “thyroid problem.” (It keeps prompting his brain to compel him to eat like a garbage truck and do nothing but sit on his massive mattress ass all day dreaming up lies.)

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  1. Frankly, I’m not certain who this person is (I’ll google him in a minute), but if all you can criticize is his weight, then you must not have very much to criticize. It just comes across petty and silly. You don’t like what he says, fine. But going after him, Meghan McCain and Chris Christie for being overweight, or Rosie O’Donnell and Rachel Maddow for dressing “butch” does nothing to counter their arguments, and just makes the critic sound like a fool

    1. Go do your research (see related articles above) and you’ll be back here criticizing the lying fat pig just like the rest of the informed people here.

    2. Mirrors communicate. Mine, yours, and Mike Daisy’s. That’s enough criticism for one day. Mike has his struggles as do we. Let’s withhold critical commentary and media typography; so we can all focus on self-improvement and maximizing our lives.

  2. Mike Daisey = waste of oxygen
    Can I sue him for lost work from his petty dribble he spouts ( maybe he meant to attack Ahab but isn’t that good at spelling – maybe Ahab can win this time )

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