Liar Mike Daisey blasts Mossberg, Swisher over Tim Cook interview

“Mike Daisey, a longtime Apple critic and monologist, has turned his sights on All Things Digital’s Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher over their interview this week with Apple CEO Tim Cook,” Don Reisinger reports for CNET. “‘Kara and Walt — do you really think you asked hard questions tonight? Goodness, you got Cook to admit that Ping was a failure! That’s amazing,’ Daisey wrote on his personal blog yesterday. ‘If only you had another hour, so you could get him to tell us who he liked best on Dawson’s Creek and what kind of ice cream is best: vanilla or cookies and cream. (Trick question: it’s always cookies and cream.)'”

“Swisher didn’t take the criticisms lightly. Shortly after Daisey published his post, she took to her Twitter feed, telling him that his ’15 minutes were up already,’ adding that it was a ‘good effort to make yourself relevant.’ Mossberg tweeted that ‘being attacked by an admitted liar is sort of a badge of honor,” Reisinger reports. “Daisey has become a bit of a lightning rod in the Apple world. To Apple fans, he’s widely viewed as an instigator and someone who takes aim at the company for little or no reason.”

Mike Daisey (Photo: Greg Sandoval/CNET)
Mike Daisey (Photo: Greg Sandoval/CNET)

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MacDailyNews Take: Although we figure approximately half of one will do the job, we encourage you to send Twinkies to the obviously famished Mike “The Fat Fscking Liar” Daisey in the hope that he’ll simply explode and we’ll never again have to cover anything he’s says or marvel at his chin count (email him for his address at

That photograph of Daisey makes us want to watch WALL·E again.

Yeah, yeah, we know: He has a “thyroid problem.” (It keeps prompting his brain to compel him to eat like a garbage truck and do nothing but sit on his massive mattress ass all day dreaming up lies.)

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    1. “Daisey has become a bit of a lightning rod in the Apple world. To Apple fans, he’s widely viewed as an instigator and someone who takes aim at the company for little or no reason.”

      Sounds like he’s the face behind some of the trolls around here, or else he’s Steve Ballmer’s evil twin.

  1. Yeah, yeah, we know: He has a “thyroid problem.”

    If, God forbid, you’re paying the hospital bill for his fifth coronary bypass, you’ll call it something else.

    1. Wasn’t it Monty Python’s The Meaning Of Life where the glutton in the restaurant is encouraged by the wait staff to eat just one last thin mint, and he blows up?

      Since Hollywood is so fond of remakes, I think they found their actor for that role.

    1. What chin, he has no chin. That’s one giant freak’n waddle.

      BTW loved Swisher and Mossberg’s comebacks. They Just made him look like such a retard. He should just get a gun and get it over with sooner.

  2. Daisey is immensely overweight and I can virtually guarantee that his obseity is his fault. His grotesque, morbid obesity is a glaring testament to his weak moral fiber. He is a liar and a glutton. A disgusting fat, lazy pig.

    The more we excuse gluttony, the more we call being fat “a condition,” the more we will all pay – for the health care of spineless pigs devoid of willpower. We will pay either through idiocy like “ObamaCare,” if the Supreme Court fails to read the U.S. Constitution, or through higher insurance rates.

    Fat people were shamed not so long ago and – guess what? – not so long ago we had far, far fewer fat fscks roaming the earth looking for shit to constantly pack into their faces.

    1. MD/PhD – Your uninformed comments make me doubt you’ve earned either of those degrees. Fat people were GLORIFIED not so long ago — until the last 50-75 years, in fact — or have you never looked at a portraits from the past thousand years or so? And being fat has NOTHING to do with being lazy or having a weak moral fiber. And this is from a person who once weighed 290lb, and currently weights about 180. Idiot.

      1. It bears keeping in mind that while it is true that many cultures have glorified obesity as a status symbol, in none of those were the general population responsible (personally or economically) for the health and well-being of said individuals, either individually or collectively. It might be interesting to review the mortality figures mapped against the individual and societal weight averages for these cultures.

        Judging by some of the images from past cultures, the subjects were wealthy. The poor rarely had the means to commission portraits and unless they were chosen by the artist, not likely to be portrayed in any images. Wealthy was something to be displayed, and one’s corporeal form was a dandy way to do that: “look at me…I can afford all the fatty foods, sugar and bread I want”. Not a healthy lifestyle. Now our wealthy spend a lot of time exercising obsessively, and the couch potatoes consume mounds of chips, dip, and soda. Again, not healthy.

        American society is now gear toward keeping everyone alive for as long as possible. Behaviors such as gross obesity as a status symbol probably did a pretty good job of moving folks right along through the actuarial tables. One might argue that, unless there is some actual status to be found in massive, unrestrained weight, there might be some societal relevance to the idea that there is some lack of moral fiber in some members whose overall behavior (e.g. Mike Daisey’s misguided crusades against things he doesn’t understand) reflect aspects of that lack of moral restraint.

        Just a thought, though.

    2. I doubt you are a doctor of any kind, but if you are I can only hope that you don’t practice medicine in any venue that brings you into contact with actual people. If you were a doctor you’d understand that there are people with conditions that make it almost impossible to control their weight. I know of someone who had brain surgery for a tumor. They got the tumor, but left her with no short term memory and no sensation of fullness after eating. If a person can’t remember what they did 30 minutes ago, and always feels hungry what do you suppose is the end result? Sorry if that’s too tough a question for you. I think there’s a real possibility that it is.

      1. Obviously to anyone but the most facile, I was speaking of the 99.5% of the obese mounds of flesh of the world for whom an underlying medical condition besides congenital laziness does not exist.

        1. Yes. The people sitting in their government paid electric wheelchairs smoking infront of the hospital garage with a bag of white castle. I see it everyday. They can’t work because they have “a bad knee”..and don’t wear their CPAP at night because it’s unattractive.

        2. So you think people who never have a weight problem their entire lives just have willpower that obese people do not possess? You don’t believe there is any genetic component to explain why some people overeat and some do not? You couldn’t possibly be a doctor. It is common knowledge among doctors that some people are more genetically predisposed to overeating than others. They currently spend hundreds of millions researching that very idea.

          1. and some people are predisposed to drug abuse and alcoholism..yet they are able to avoid that downward spiral.

            You can be obese and healthy..if you exercise and eat well. Most people don’t have the will or’s a choice in all but the rarest cases.

          2. In my professional opinion, 100% of the people who claim “genetics” are, in fact, obese themselves and don’t like hearing what they already know, but will rarely admit: They lack the willpower to eat properly and exercise with vigor regularly.

            It’s really simple math: Eat fewer calories than you burn and your fat stores will diminish. Eat more calories than you burn and you will eventually look like Mike Daisey.

            Fat people are unhealthy and unnecessarily expose themselves to increased rates of cancer, heart and coronary disease, diabetes, and a host of other life-threatening diseases and health issues.

            Fat people don’t like hearing the truth. I get it. All day long. But I am saving lives, one fatso at a time. What are you doing?

    3. Some people have other faults: putting down others to make yourself feel better about your lack of humanity, lack of kindness and compassion, a need to constantly trot out your ‘accomplishments’, hating most Americans who are the fattest people on earth on average.

      Ease up a little and give this clueless lying Mike a break. Even someone like you, MD/PhD, deserves to be treated humanely.

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