Sorkin: ‘Steve Jobs’ actor ‘will have to be intelligent’

“Hollywood screenwriter Aaron Sorkin said Wednesday that work on the ‘Steve Jobs’ biopic is still in ‘a very early stage’ as he works to adapt the best-selling biography by Walter Isaacson for the screen,” Dan Gallagher reports for MarketWatch. “Sorkin spoke at the D10 conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif.”

“While there are a couple film projects in the works on the life of the late Apple Inc. co-founder, Sorkin has been tapped to adapt ‘Steve Jobs’ by Isaacson,” Gallagher reports. “The book was released two weeks after the tech icon died of cancer last October and was an instant best-seller, as Isaacson was the only biographer whom Jobs granted interviews.”

Gallagher reports, “The title role of Jobs has not yet been cast, and Sorkin acknowledged that finding the right actor would be a challenge. ‘Whoever plays Steve Jobs will have to be smart. There’s a lot of things that actors can fake. Intelligence is not one of them.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: There’s a joke in here somewhere and its punchline is “Ashton Kutcher.”

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    1. Just because he plays an idiot on TV and in Movies doesn’t mean Kutcher is stupid.

      He got into MIT and most of us wouldn’t be able to do that. He was handling the work and the pressure when he quit to become an actor.

      He would pass the Sorkin test, would you?

      1. MIT may not the ultimate litmus test of one’s intelligence. Besides which, I can’t find any evidence of Mr. Kutcher attending that school. It is possible that you may have confused International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) with MIT.

        You made me look him up in Wikipedia, now maybe it’s your turn (or I want my 5 minutes back):

    2. To get where they are, well known actors have to be intelligent; luck can only take you so far.

      Acting intelligent – that’s another matter. Kutcher, and others, have not mastered that.

  1. Christian Bale. He’s intelligent, passionate, a perfectionist, but more importantly, he makes a good A-hole. Everything we know SJ was (if we’re honest guys!!). Also, the tantrums will be part of the heart beat of the character – so it’s important.

    1. So what if he was an a-hole. Why would that make the movie more interesting? I’d be more interested in the inner demons of the man. What it was like being adopted. The influence his adoptive parents had on him. His acid experience. All these things are more interesting to me than rehashing the tabloid he-was-and-a-hole BS everyone’s already rehashed a bazillion times.

      1. I’m not crazy about him, but Bale has made a living of playing characters with inner demons.

        I could actually see Kutcher playing the younger Jobs, but not the Jobs who was born at NeXT/Pixar.

    1. I think who they select will in large part depend on what part of SJ’s life the film will concentrate on. The Early Years? Exile at NeXT and Pixar? The Triumphal Return? SJ’s appearance was so different in each.

  2. Actors can’t fake intelligence? Give me a break. That’s why actor does. The problem with actors is they actually believe they’re intelligent because of the brilliant scripts they read. i.e. Whoopi (STNG) Guinan and Ganine Garafolo. Good looks and brains don’t go together in Hollywood.

  3. “There’s a lot of things that actors can fake. Intelligence is not one of them.”

    Which is why Denise Richards was so miscast in “The World Is Not Enough”.

    1. Obviously, that was a joke (as was the character’s name — Christmas). After all, it was a James Bond film, which is a joke in itself. In a way, she was perfectly cast to play a ‘nucular’ physicist…

  4. Jab or not against Mr. Kutcher, thank you Mr. Sorkin for setting a clear expectation focussed on intelligence. I find that a step in the right direction. I’m warming up to the movie already.

    1. Love that you have chosen a woman to play Jobs (even if with a tongue in cheek); however, Meryl Streep wouldn’t get my vote of confidence to play the role. Too one-dimensional for my taste.

      In a somewhat unrelated note: her Oscar winning portrayal of Baroness Karen von Blixen-Finecke in Out of Africa, it had been considered that Streep came up with one of the worst Danish English accent. Seriously, look it up on YouTube or somewhere, and see if you can keep a straight face now. I wasn’t particularly impressed with her Italian American nor Australian accents. Yet, she boldly insists on taking on these “acting” challenges. Sadly, most Americans are not only oblivious to this, they actually celebrate her as a master of foreign accents and roles. Amazing!

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