Apple files legal response to e-book class-action suit

“Apple has now filed a legal response to the similar-but-separate e-book ‘price-fixing”‘ class-action lawsuit brought by 31 states that mirrors the charges against Apple and two of the five major publishers being pursued by the Department of Justice,” MacNN reports.

“Though covering many of the same points and defenses enumerated in the DOJ response, the company argues for dismissal of the civil lawsuit as being a duplicate of the ongoing federal one, among other defenses,” MacNN reports. “The iPhone maker, in its response to the class-action charges, promises that quotes by Steve Jobs used in the DOJ lawsuit will “speak for themselves” and demonstrate that they are being misinterpreted or taken out of context.”

MacNN reports, “The document admits that “representatives of each of the publishers separately expressed varying degrees of unhappiness with Amazon’s tactics, including its pricing” but also demonstrates by way of exhibits that its contracts with each publisher were similar but not identical, demonstrating that Apple did not orchestrate a conspiracy.”

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  1. Apple is a company with a concience, determination and propensity to do things right.

    ‘Don’t fuck with Apple’ is a lesson many have learned the hard way, backo off now DOJ cause you’re about to shame the DOJ and eat shit too.

  2. You can bet that if Apple is facing a bunch of jury trials with dozens of dunbasses on jury duty, they will get screwed over.

    Just hope Apple uses its deep pockets to take this all the ey to the Supreme Court.

  3. The Depertment of Justice should look into the fake birth certificate that Ohbummer has posted on the official White House web site.

    But they have their head up so deep Ohbummers ass, they cant do that now, can they?

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