Mitt Romney’s iPhone app corrects ‘America’ misspelling

“Have you heard the news? Mitt Romney wants to be the President of the United States of ‘Amercia,'” Don Reisinger reports for CNET.

“The Republican candidate’s campaign yesterday launched a free iPhone app called “With Mitt,” allowing people to snap photos and then superimpose one of 14 messages atop them for posting on social networks or e-mailing to friends,” Reisinger reports. “There’s just one problem: one of the messages that can be superimposed onto a photo promotes “A Better Amercia,” rather than America.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: We just downloaded and tested Romney for President, Inc.’s With Mitt app and it now has 13 possible screens instead of 14. The incorrect screen appears to have been deleted. All of the words in the 13 remaining screens, including the word “America,” are spelled correctly:

Romney "Amercia" app before and after


  1. Gosh MDN, we can all breathe a HUGE sigh of relief now that you have taken the time and energy to download the app and reassure us all (screen shots and all!) that the mistake has been fixed.

    We should all also notice that the article’s title reflects a positive spin on the news item. If this had been an Obama flub the article would have been titled “Obama iPhone app misspells ‘America'”.

    MDNs blatant partisanship (Republican, conservative) continues unabated, and unfortunately deflates what would otherwise be the best Mac-centric news portal on the web. To make matters worse, they regularly encourage partisan political squabbling on the site in what news items they choose to report, what aspect of the item they choose to emphasize, and how they title their posts.

    It’s a very unfortunate slant that MDN chooses to imprint on this site, as it is an impediment to political middle-of-the-roaders, but rabid Apple fans such as myself to fully support this website.

    1. So true. Here we are dissing either Obama or Romney. It’s a fatal flaw in this site, and divisive. Is that more important than all of us discussing, enjoying, or even debating Apple and technology in general? Is it worth it to keep getting people riled up, off-topic, and at each others’ throats? How does it help one’s credibility- if MDN has blinders on regarding partisan politics, how can we take any other commentary seriously? To not see the whole, ugly picture of Rush Limbaugh (which is way, way more than a thousand words or a million pixels), reveals a closed-mindedness that undermines credibility even when we want to agree about a pro-Apple stance. Do we want spin or objectivity? Being negative only reveals your own negativity- not necessarily the truth. At the very least, I think we should all avoid headlines here we know are going to launch a flame war. Life is too short.

    2. As an independent and could be wrong here, I don’t detect the bias you mentioned. MDN offers favorable articles that support both sides. That said, every site, newspaper, network, et al — has a right to express themselves. If it differs from your own and the facts prove true, you may learn something. Reading all sides truth is found everywhere …

  2. At least he didn’t post a fake birth certificate in his app, that anyone can open in Adobe Illustrator and see for himself what a criminal the president of the United States is.

        1. Buddy, I have been in Publishing for 25 years, I know what I see when I open that PDF, that has rotated layers with modified date and name layers.

          The PDF is fake 100 percent. Any court forensic expert will attest to that.

    1. Point of order from a non Obama supporter.

      The Arizona Secretary of State, a Republican and the head voting official in Arizona, went to Hawaii to examine the Obama birth certificate. He reportedly claimed he would challenge Obama’s presence on the November ballot if it wasn’t in order.

      Well, winder of wonders, the Republican AZ SoS is now convinced that it is genuine. Only you and the moron Donald Trump seem to have a problem.

      My theory is that it is used as a convenient cover for white people who do not like a Black Man in the White House. They know it is unacceptable to bitch on a racial basis, so they use all the Kenyan Manchurian Candidate BS as a cover.

      What are you going to do when Obama is re-elected? Willard RawMoney might have been able to buy the Rethugnican Nomination, but will lose this fall as the Rethugnicans lose control of the House for doing nothing but pass bullshit abortion legislation and doing nothing serious about the economy, banking reform or deficit reduction.

  3. lol, reminds me of General Motors’ (Chevrolet division) double-truck full color ad in Life Magazine during the 76 Bicentennial…they misspelled America in the headline. Lol, but there’s no instant fix in print.

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