Apple buys Italy-based audio software company Redmatica

“Apple reportedly has purchased Italy-based music software company Redmatica,” Josh Lowensohn reports for CNET.

“A report from Italian blog Fanpage, and picked up by TechCrunch, says Apple has bought the company, which specializes in audio software tools,” Lowensohn reports. “A regulatory filing with the Italian Authority for Communications Guarantees, which was dug up by Fanpage, suggests the deal was approved earlier this week.”

Lowensohn reports, “Redmatica makes four pieces of audio software, including tools for sampling, editing, and library management. Its primary product is KeyMap Pro, a sampled instruments editor that runs on Apple’s OS X.”

Read more in the full article here.


    1. What, you missed the part of Apple’s history where they produced the world’s most popular personal digital media player, developed the world’s first properly legal digital music store, developed and gave away a sophisticated digital music recording app,(GarageBand), and where their computers became almost synonymous with modern digital recording and editing in studios using Pro Tools?
      Which large rock have you been sleeping under for the last fifteen years or so?

  1. Gives them great leverage in building and integrating great audio tools and products on to the OSX landscape. I think that would be a great strategic move in expanding the audio tools in the platform.

  2. I’m for anything that continues to take Logic to the next level. I’d love for them to invest in more plug-in’s and software instruments. More high quality compressors and EQ’s with character. Super hi-res pianos, strings. It’s time already.

    And btw, when in the world will a companion iPad app for Logic be released?! Hugely overdue. I want to drive Logic from my drum set while I lay down tracks. I want to develop ideas for my songs on the bus, and have them automatically move to that song project’s “Ideas” folder the next time I dock. I could go on and on and on. Logic team, are you listening? One can dream.

    1. umm…you can do that all right now. Download the TouchOSC App from the AppStore and activate the LogicOSC control surface. The template is included in Logic. Not very pretty to look at, but works like a charm.

  3. Maybe they already have developed their own version of KeymapPro and the purchase of Redmadica is to take away any competition for any other DAW’s to integrate a similar product with Redmatica’s assistance. MUTU’s Mach Five 3 was a nice effort but fell short. With Keymap pro you actually create you own sample based instrument. Let’s see if we get anything more tomorrow.

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