Time to buy Apple stock?

“The analyst and blogging community is screaming Buy Apple, is it finally time?” The Stockemasters ask. “Apple Inc (AAPL) shares have backed down 13% after hitting $644 and its time to consider the ultimate tech play.”

“Apple shares appear ‘cheap’ to the naked eye trading with a P/E Ratio of 14 and EPS of 41. Today Apple shares are standing their ground, steady at $568 and finally a credible analyst i saying its time to buy,” The Stockemasters write. “That would be RBC Capital analyst Amit Daryanani who said yesterday: ‘We believe the recent pullback on AAPL’s stock creates an attractive entry point for investors to benefit from AAPL’s ability to sustain material revenue and EPS growth over the next several years.'”

The Stockmasters write, “Apple is just getting started selling their iEverything products in China. Recall that $7.9 billion of the company’s $39.2 billion revenue last quarter came from China. The companies entire revenue taken from China in 2011 was just $13.3 billion. Its not just America that want Apple products, its the rest of the world.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Joe Architect” for the heads up.]


  1. The boys who cried “Wolf!” There were analysts telling investors to buy Apple at $600, $610, $620, etc. right before Apple shares plummeted to $550. Who knows. It may go back down again. Buy this stock at your own risk if you’re looking for quick profits, however, any time is a good time to buy if you’re going to hold long-term. I don’t hold much faith in those $1000 predictions when it comes to a manipulated stock like Apple is, but surely $700 isn’t beyond possibility by the end of the year if the economy doesn’t implode. If the Dow Jones goes back to 13000, Apple could just slide along with it.

  2. Well, not all are saying it’s time to buy. On the Schwab site, for example, you’ll see they’ve rated the stock “D”, and their recommendation is to SELL. (It’s had a “C” rating for several years.) Most of the third-party analyses they provide suggest the stock will “Outperform”, and recommend either Hold or Buy.

    1. Schwab – Ha! They are a contrarian indicator.
      Sorry to say they are my broker. Been on the wrong side of Apple for years and nobody quotes them, especially over Apple.
      $700 by September.

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