Mac Pro user launches Facebook page to pressure Apple

A Mac Pro user has initiated a petition on Facebook, currently with 3,550 “likes.”

Hello Apple. Remember me? I’m one of your loyal users. I’m one of the guys who has owned 2 MacPros [sic], a G5, a G4, 4 laptops, one iMac, 4 iPods, one MacMini [sic], 4 iPhones and a bevy of other peripherals and software packages over the last 10 years.

I’m looking for a little clarity.

Can you please let me and the other people on in this group know what is going on with the MacPro? Its been neglected for far too long. We realize all the success of the iPad and iPhone and we’re really happy with our new toys. But unfortunately many of us need to make decisions on hardware for professional uses that allow us to make a living.

We have no desire to go the Dark Side and buy a Windows machine. And while the Hackintosh community has made great strides its not a viable option for a professional environment. Unfortunately you haven’t left us much choice!! The professional software applications like CS6, AVID, Protools, Smoke and others require the most powerful hardware available. The ability to configure systems with specific hardware is essential for our businesses. The iMac is not the answer for these situations. (Not to mention that I already have 54 total inches of professional monitors sitting on my desk!!!)

We’ve held out as long as we can. Many of us will never get the hint that you’ve discontinued the MacPro lineup. So I am asking directly.
Can you please let us know what your plans are?
Is the MacPro officially dead?
Are you going to license OSX to another hardware manufacturer to build powerful desktops?
You have the best OS on the market. Please let us put it to good use!!!

We have waited patiently. We are only asking for a little insight. A timeframe would really go a long way in this relationship. Please, either set us free and tell us that the hardware is dead or give us a little peak behind the curtain. Its not too much to ask. We cannot wait any longer and its really not fair to string us along like this.

Lou Borella and the Creative Community

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[Attribution: MacBidouille. Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


  1. Only one problem:
    I don’t do Facebook and have no intention of doing so in the future.

    As for me, it’s either a new Mac Pro or a Hackintosh. I’m running an early 2009 Mac Pro and it’s past time for a refresh. 3 years is an eternity at the top of the market.

    1. I think their point was clear: creative professionals want to know what the future holds for the MacPro. Apple has devoted a lot of time and resource to the latest gadgets, what about us? The long time, big money spenders with your company. They need powerful tools, and want you to continue making them.

      What is so stupid about people banding together to have their voices amplified? Sounds like free speech to me.

      Oh, wait. i forgot, you are a neocon, in your world we are slaves to the corporations and should keep our mouths shut and fit in, is that about right?

    2. Isn’t the point to ensure that they (the professional users of the Mac Pro) don’t make business decisions based on hardware that won’t be updated to accommodate new/upgraded software?

    3. No they aren’t. We’re talking about it. Other Mac news sites will also be talking about, and Apple will hear about it. Apple needs to hear this sentiment.

      I feel really sorry for people doing high-end content creation that need a machine with tons of RAM, lots of cores, and high-end video. As somebody who used high-end Macs like this earlier in my career, Apple needs to get its shit together at this end of the market.

      I’m a LONG-time Apple fan (think 80’s), but they need to crap or get off the pot. Either update the product, or publicly discontinue it and cut people loose so they can (reluctantly, I’m sure) move on.

    4. NO, your words are and insensitive to the lot of the pro who depends on this stuff. This guys was polite, respectful and spot on. It’s great that your needs are being met but there are many who are not being met. I own a G5 and Intel Mac Pro’s both long in the tooth as well. And neither are upgradeable to Mountain Lion. Time for Apple to do or not do and let us know. If so they need to include things like USB 3 and other pro options. For a mere fraction of the resources they have they can continue to make Mac Pro’s and support the pro market.

  2. Stupid!

    like Apple really gives a shit about a page like this. They are selling Macs like hotcakes. The iMac has filled the void for all but a small minority of their user base.

    1. Apple likely wouldn’t have made it through the 90’s without the Mac Pro. It was the only compelling reason to buy a Mac for work. The pro users are a dedicated base and endured ridicule and long software update cycles out of principle. There is a place for the Mac Pro, and the people in that market have lots and lots of money to spend. Until there is a thriving thunderbolt market, the iMac just doesn’t cut it for serious professional use (science and arts).

      1. Sure, i agree about the 90’s, but it’s not the 90’s anymore. If it makes good business sense and there is a big enough market I’m sure Apple will continue the Mac Pro.. If not, those users will have to adapt or go elsewhere. A childish FB rant is not going to influence Apple’s decision.

        1. Perhaps it won’t influence the decision about whether to offer the product or not. But, it could influence whether they get off their ass and say whether they’re discontinuing the product or not.

          See, Apple is dicking around with people’s livelihoods here, so they simply need to make a decision one way or the other. Either bring something to market, or let everybody know you’re getting out of that market segment so they can move on. It’s bullshit.

        2. Your original comment was a childish rant. It’s even more silly than doing it on Facebook because fewer people will see it.

          Mac Pro sales have probably slowed a bit but you can’t blame professionals for not buying a “top of the line” product that hasn’t been updated in almost 2 years, yet still costs the same as it did when it was first released.

          Even if raw unit sales remained constant, over 2 years they will be unfairly dwarfed by unit sales and revenue from iPhones, iPads, and consumer Macs.

          It would therefore not be “good business sense” to base a decision on an entire product’s future based on what *percentage* of sales/revenue a product line brings in.

  3. Boy oh boy, i hope Tim Cook and company are going to heed the need to keep providing more powerful work stations. If Apple cannot be bothered to serve the needs of this portion of their market it would be a sad milestone in Mac history.

  4. Dear Lou,

    Here’s the thing. There’s a new sheriff in town now and he wears an operations hat. We don’t need no stinking vision thing, we just need to push up production volume. Looking at the demand curve for the Mac Pro, we see that there was a production run of 50,000 units the previous quarter, which is really below our optimal cost of production.

    We don’t really want to run too many lines. It messes with our overheads and my Numbers spreadsheets show we’re behind the curve in terms of economic reorder quantity for the Mac Pro.

    Tell you what I’m going to do. I’m going to shut down the Mac Pro production line for good. That way you can bug Ballmer if he doesn’t do what you want.

    Sincerely yours,


    1. “Looking at the demand curve for the Mac Pro, we see that there was a production run of 50,000 units the previous quarter”
      If Mac Pro sales are falling quarter over quarter, this is a big fat “Duh!”

      Would YOU buy a computer with 2-year old specs, for the same price as when it was first introduced? Would you buy a 2010 iPad today for $499?

      No? Then why do you expect high-end professionals, who actually NEED (not just want) the latest and greatest, to do so?

  5. On the bitching side:

    Please, please, PLEASE bring back the old Exposé look and feel as an option! It was much more convenient, at least for me. It was faster to switch between screens. I remember when I saw Microsoft implementation, I mocked it as non efficient for stacking windows, and now I got that on the new Mission Control. Don’t change it. Just add the option.

    Is it too much ot ask?

  6. Sounds like a whiner.

    If the MacPro was officially dead, you wouldn’t be able to buy it at the Apple store right? So,let’s say you go and buy the equipment you want and the next day it is discontinued. Does that mean you can’t do your work anymore?


    1. So, by your post, I can only assume if you needed a pro machine, you’d be happy as a lark to go plunk down three-grand or so on a piece of hardware that hasn’t been updated or refreshed in almost TWO YEARS.

      Yeah, I didn’t think so. Sigh is right.

  7. What would a Mac Pro with a touch faster processor or added cores really perform all that much better than the current model? My guess is, probably not

      1. According to benchmarks at Tom’s Hardware for these processors, for real world work, you will see differences, but its not going to knock one’s socks off.. You can listen to Intel say its a big jump in performance, you have to look at reality.

  8. Apple NEVER gives out its secrets or plans. I’m astounded the dedicated Mac user isn’t aware of this. His begging and pleading is nothing compared to the billions of dollars Apple could make by releasing a sneak peak.

    Of course, that’s absurd because Apple already is their competitions R&D department. What level of insanity would make them give up secrets before their own product is launched?

    They are going to either continue the Server-to-Mac Pro downsizing of their product line, leaving the iMac’s future in doubt -or- they are going to hit the world with something spectacular and it ain’t no lame TV.

    If they do discontinue the Mac Pro and make a lame TV, I’m donating my Mac mini to my nephew, then I’ll take up horseback riding as a new hobby, because at that point, home computers are dead.

    1. cd in austin: “I need a 4×4 for hauling stuff for heavy construction work”

      Me: “Buy a sports car.”

      Yeah, your comment was about as dumb as that.

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