Which actor should play Steve Jobs in Sony’s biopic?

“Recently, Sony pictures announced that the new Steve Jobs biopic would be penned by Social Network writer extraordinaire Aaron Sorkin,” Abby Koenig writes for The Houston press. “The movie, titled for some reason Steve Jobs, will be based on the best selling biography written by Walter Isaacson.”

“This is not the indie Steve Jobs biopic starring one Ashton Kutcher, which has been getting all the buzz,” Koenig writes. “The indie pic cast Ashton Kutcher before we even had a say… No doubt Aaron Sorkin and Sony will look high and low for the perfect Jobs, as of this post no actor is attached. This is great. Now we can take wild stabs in the wind at who should play Steve Jobs in the second biopic coming out at potentially the same time.”

Which actor should play Steve Jobs?
• Noah Wyle
• Stanley Tucci
• Michael Showalter
• Daniel Day Lewis
• Edward Norton
• James Franco
• John Krasinki
• Spike Jonze

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MacDailyNews Take: As we were assembling bullet points ofnames from the article we kept waiting for Christian Bale to pop up. Alas, to no avail.

We put Bale in our latest poll on the left side of the main site, along with a few other additions – or you can write in your own!

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  1. Yes, Christian Bale would be good.

    And as much as I dislike Leo DiCaprio’s politics, he might be a good choice for the short list.

    Daniel Day Lewis is the greatest actor on that list (and on most other list, in my opinion) but is too old.

    1. It’s tough. They may need to have different actors for each age group. I see Noah Wylie, Ashton Kutcher, and John Krasinki as viable options. I know Ashton Kutcher isn’t a popular choice but you can’t deny the similarity. George Clooney??? As a fellow Cincinnatian with George, I hope not.

    1. Noah Wyle did such a great job playing him before I got hooked on “ER.”

      I would think someone new, but can’t find anyone else on that list. Even though I love Leonard’s “politics.” (What a retarded remark. Probably would hate Steve Jobs’ politics, too, if you realized what they were.)

  2. How did Noah Wyle do in his earlier effort of playing SJ? I’ve never seen that flick, but I think he has the best likeness amongst those on the list.

    1. He actually did rather poorly. He is a typical one-act TV actor, without much chops, breadth, craft (or talent) for depth of character. His made-for-tv Jobs was fairly flat and two-dimensional (much like the TV work he’s been doing throughout his career). He definitely is a nice guy, but as an actor, he was lucky to land a marathon show that set him for life (professionally, as well as financially). He’s ready for retirement at this point, since it is unlikely he’ll be getting any meaningful Hollywood offers, other than MOTW stuff (Movie of the Week).

    1. I hate to say this, but Tom Cruise would work. Cocky, charming, early success but if he can grow up he’ll really kick ass. Describes them both.

      And it would get him the Oscar he needs.

  3. These guys are all white. Why not let some minorities into the mix? I suggest Don Cheadle. That guy is awesome in everything. Or Chewitel Ejiofor – same reason.

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