Samsung says lawyers didn’t design new Galaxy S III smartphone

“In recent weeks, some have suggested that Samsung’s Galaxy S III smartphone was designed by lawyers specifically to work around Apple’s ongoing patent infringement case,” Sean Hollister reports for The Verge. “When the question was put to Samsung design VP Chang Dong-hoon earlier today, though, he denied any such thing.”

“Our change in smartphone design is part of a five-year plan, not a sudden turn-around.” – Samsung design VP Chang Dong-hoon, May 22, 2012

Hollister reports, “He insisted that the curved shape of the Galaxy S III in particular had undergone hundreds of iterations, a rhetoric we’ve heard before: For Samsung’s design team, Apple’s allegations are personal.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Little known fact: When translated to English, “Chang Dong-hoon” actually means “Copy Jony-Slavishly.”

Possible smoking gun there for Apple’s legal team.

Here’s another: Apple’s products came first, then Samsung’s:

Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Tab Trade Dress Infringement

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  1. I just love that Dong was asked the question. How humiliating. I’d write LOL but that doesn’t convey the heartiness of my laugh when reading this story.

  2. “Samsung design VP Chang Dong-hoon”
    How do you get a job like that, you just have to copy everything from apple and you became a VP of samsung.

    1. How do you maintain a position like that – is a better way to put it.

      I am sure Chang Dong-hoon was greatly inspired and lead by his company to follow as closely to Apples’ Designs as told.

      If you look at all the iPhone 5 concepts you will see similarities also… are they coping each other? No, inspired and attempting to figure what Apple will do based on where they are now.

      Hoping Apple produces a (totally unpredictable) a curve ball in Design for iPhone new.

    1. “to copy every product made by Apple”

      Lets not say MADE by Apple — but DESIGNED / ENGINEERED by Apple… as Apple does not make much besides software. They have no manufacturing facilities, most everything is farmed out.

  3. Sorry, if this offends Apple fans but most Designers allow for a certain level of inspiration to occur. Chang Dong-hoon maybe not have the same opportunities as Jony has had. Nor does he work in a world renown company know for its great industrial designs and history of awards; like Sony, Braun or Apple.

    Most designs are inspiring due to the form and functionality. And simplicity and minimalism – typically is the goal all designers strive for.
    Engineering limitations, materials and even manufacturing process all effectively challenge and shape the aesthetics on a particular design.

    Dare I say, even Jony Ives, absorbs that which inspires him and he mimics in perhaps a sub-conscience way – not directly coping – but allowing other designers, their thoughts and work to INFLUENCE him.

    1. OK you’re right. Prior to the iPhone, Samsung were inspired by the Blackberry and since the iPhone they have been inspired by the iPhone.

      What would be nice would be if they could take their inspiration from something that wasn’t the market leader at the time.

  4. Lets all TALK about how closely copied ANDROID is to iOS.
    It functions and feels very much like Apples – with that on a Samsung device, costumers really have something very close to a clone.

    Android should be attacked and destroyed first – followed by an attack to Samsung afterwards.

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