Next-gen iPhone with 3.95-inch display, 1136 x 640 resolution reportedly in testing

“Apple is testing multiple next-generation iPhones, and we have independently heard that at least one of these devices sports a brand new display,” Chuck Remington reports for 9to5Mac. “For the iPhone 4, Apple took the iPhone display to new heights with the incredible 640 x 960 Retina Display. The display has always been 3.5 inches measured diagonally and a 3:2 aspect ratio. All of that is about to change.”

“We know of two next-generation iPhones in testing with a larger display: the iPhone 5,1 and iPhone 5,2,” Remington reports. “Both of these phones sport a new, larger display that is 3.95 inches diagonally. Apple will not just increase the size of the display and leave the current resolution, but will actually be adding pixels to the display. The new iPhone display resolution will be 640 x 1136. That’s an extra 176 pixels longer of a display. The screen will be the same 1.94 inches wide, but will grow to 3.45 inches tall.”

Remington reports, “In terms of hardware other than the new display, we’ve heard that both of these prototypes definitely include a home button and the previously-rumored smaller dock connector.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. It seems idiotic to change the dock connector now when it’s so universal.

    Only thing I could see worth it is if they brought back FireWire support, man I miss those days.

    1. “Idiotic”? I’m sure they’re not just doing it for fun. The speculated benefits (saving space within the phone) seem worth it.

      Let’s wait and see if it actually happens, and what their plan is for dealing with the transition from the current connector to the new one, before passing judgment. (Yes, I know that’s not nearly as fun as jumping to conclusions, but still.)

  2. Just wondering if they add pixels by making the screen taller if they’ll have some sort of more permanent menu bar and leave everything else untouched so apps don’t need to be redesigned.

      1. But it’s not on today’s iPhones, or did that fact slip past your tiny little brain. And kindly explain how it would be ‘unworkable’, seeing as how you think you’re such a genius, and know so much more than Apple do.

        1. The point I was trying to make was, any app dependency on a “permanent menu bar” being visible would only work on newer, taller phones.

          You’d have the same kind of fundamental UI fragmentation that Android phones experienced during the transition away from hardware buttons – apps had to do all sorts of odd things to deal with the presence or non-presence of those buttons.

          It’s not that I think I know any better than the folks at Apple – it’s just that this seems like a very un-iOS-like move, and one that would cause a lot more problems than it would solve.

          Feel free to provide a more substantive argument for how it would work, and why it would be an improvement over what we have today – as it is, I don’t see it.

          1. Hey, mxnt41 was MERELY wondering ok Spade.

            The point of the article is there seems to be a 3.95 inch screen being tested. Enough said.

            It could have said a 4, 5, 7.89, 12 or 18 inch screen… but those are not reported to be so. Furthermore, how it all works was not the focus of the article… its being tested – ok.

            Remain calm. And thanks for you input and posts.

            1. In order to test a different functionality, you have to test something. In the case of iPhones, that would be apps. It’s absolutely necessary for app designers to know exactly how many pixels they are working with, in both directions. Do they have the same number of fatter pixels, more pixels of the same size or lots more pixels of a smaller size?

              If Apple makes a move that obsoletes all currently selling apps and renders all apps developed for the new format unworkable on older iPhones they essentially reset the app store for the new devices to zero and strand all owners of the old devices at todays point in time, from an app standpoint. Which is why I think it’s not going to happen. There is no advantage to Apple to cause those things to take place.

              But that’s just me. I pay Apple to produce great things I didn’t even know I needed. Apple doesn’t pay me to think.

    1. Considering the fact that Apple’s iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S are the three top-selling smart phones, I fail to see by what measure you’re claiming that 4.5″ is “the minimum these days”.

      I’m continually bemused at the way so many commentators try to pretend that non-iPhone features are somehow the standard to which Apple must aspire.

      1. Why do you fail to see… BLN has big fingers – alright.
        Sure the comment is more a personal preference. But Apple offers a one size must fit all situation. BLN wants to see a iPhone with a screen size equal to the Samsung and Nexus.
        Merely his wish – okay.

    2. Even 3.5″ works for me as a pocket device. Near 4″ is gravy. There are limits to size anyway that in my opinion defeat the function and purpose. You will hit a wall at some point (soon) otherwise have a near 8″ or 10″ iPhone in your pocket AKA iPad. When is a smart phone suddenly a tablet with phone capabilities? (Convenient) size does matter.

    3. So that means the Lumina 900 with Windows doesn’t meet the minimum right? It’s only 4.3 inches.

      If I need an iPad I’ll use my iPad. I want a phone that’s easy to use and easy to carry.

      1. Correct it does not meet BLN requirement…
        anything wrong with that?

        Your solution is great for you. But many with big fingers won’t agree to carry their iPads 4G ooops cellular around. Then you hear BLN complain he wants his iPad able to dial out like a cel – hahahaha.


      I’m shocked, shocked, shocked to see BLN is trashing Apple because they’re supposedly not building an iPhone with a screen that suits him.

      1. He’s not trashing Apple – he is just commenting a 3.95 inch screen is not good enough from what other companies offer.

        Personally I hope Apple offers a Phone one day without a screen. So simple all assisted by Siri… no games no apps… just a damn phone that can also send text messages without me seeing what i said… it can read it back and I accept to send it. No need for a screen. Radical, but if Siri gets so good… why have a screen and the phone can be reduced to a MICROPHONE and SPEAKER. Simplicity. A simplephone that is smart. NOT a pocket computer.

        Oh it will never happen – ok so what?

    1. Its tough to get old Scott. but get over it and then go get some reading specs. (and really it beats the hell out of the alternative)
      I certanly can’t read small type on my iPhone’s screen (without glasses) but I wouldn’t want to pocked, or attempt to operate one handed, one of those “phoanblet” monstrosities that the crap vendors are attempting to foist on the public.
      Keep it a real phone not some hybrid monstrosity!

    1. Oh, no my a banana shaped iPhone.
      Waaaa, I want a Apple shaped one.

      If you got an iPhone already, its not banana shaped,
      so you are fine dude. LOL

  3. Oh yeah, they’ve got it all figured out. The exact size, the change in dock connector maybe even the cut of the bezel.
    Poor Apple just can’t keep a secret anymore because all of the predictions are so spot on! Like everyone knows just what’s going to happen next to Apple. Really!!??

  4. One important point that i read on TechzTalk was “If Apple is changing the resolution why not just go with 1280 x 720 on a 4-inch screen, rather than go with some odd resolution that’s between 16:10 and 16:9.”

  5. I’m guessing they’re adding functionality/accessibility to iOS 6 where the .45″ of extra screen real estate is at. Previous iPhones won’t have this, making an incentive for upgrades.

  6. well this rumored screen is EXACTLY a 16:9 aspect. which of course is ideal for video. that is a plus.

    the current iPhone body is already tall/wide enough to accomodate the larger screen, no change in overall size.

    and given the black glass of the entire faceplate/screen anyway, current 3:2 iPhone apps will essentially look just the same as they do now. the extra space left over will just appear black like it is today. so what’s they problem? there isn’t any.

    will Apple use the extra 176 pixels of screen area, in portratit mode at least, to add space to the home screen, or maybe for a new feature – like widgets?! who knows? wait and see, at WWDC i expect, when iOS 6 will probably be unveiled.

    i assume a new 2012 iPod touch will have the same larger screen too.

    there is nothing wrong with this. some developers – games certainly – will want to offer 16:9 versions of their apps, but none have to. it will be four or five years before develpers stop offering standard 3:2 apps.

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