StatCounter: Google’s Chrome browser passes Microsoft’s Internet Explorer

“There’s no debating Google Chrome continues to gain momentum and put pressure on Internet Explorer. But according to one browser-tracking firm, it’s now more popular than Microsoft’s alternative,” Don Reisinger reports for CNET.

“Analytics site StatCounter has revealed that for the first time, Google Chrome overtook Internet Explorer last week to become the world’s most popular browser,” Reisinger reports. “According to the data the company compiled, during the week of May 14 to May 20, Chrome secured 32.76 percent market share, compared to Microsoft’s 31.94 percent.”

Reisinger reports, “Despite its worldwide success, Chrome still has a ways to go to catch Internet Explorer in the U.S. In fact, StatCounter’s data shows that the week Chrome overtook Internet Explorer, Google’s browser held just 23.83 percent market share, compared to Microsoft’s 37.81 percent. ”

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MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s Safari currently is fourth with 7.37%, according to StatCounter. Firefox is third with 26.42%.


    1. Agreed.

      I also think MS did themselves in with Internet Explorer. The problem with IE was that it was hooked into the OS so deeply that when it broke, sometimes the only sane option was to re-installed frakkin’ windows.

      I think it helped that MS drug their feet with leaving IE6 out there for ages since MS thought they had the market zipped up tight.

      Maybe the europeans slapping MS and forcing Windows XP-N plus the far better alternatives that started picking up steam once Firefox blazed the trail was the winning combo.

      Whatever the cause it sure is a brighter day not being stuck with one crap browser.

      1. About 6 years ago I posted on MDN a story about my phone call to Micro$oft about how to uninstall IE on my work PC. Basically, it couldn’t be done and the M$ rep spent 20 minutes trying to find a way to say that because IE is so tied into the OS that it can’t be uninstalled. Of course, he tried to make it sound normal and natural behavior.

  1. … Desktop and Laptop computers being counted – Tablets and Smart Phones Need Not Apply. Add the iOS version of Safari into the mix and Safari far exceeds 7.4%! Actually, the iOS version alone should exceed the 7.4% reported by MDN. Who paid for this survey?

  2. Quick – someone urgently send more office chairs to Redmond because he be slingin’ in every direction. It’s actually starting to look like Herman Miller tornado storm out there.

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