Verizon clarifies: Unlimited data plans to die slow death

“Verizon on Wednesday outlined its goals with shared data plans, and some news organizations incorrectly reported that it would kill unlimited data plans the instant that shared data plans were introduced,” Brian X. Chen reports for The New York Times.

Verizon’s e-mailed statement:
• Customers will not be automatically moved to new shared data plans. If a 3G or 4G smartphone customer is on an unlimited plan now and they do not want to change their plan, they will not have to do so.
• When we introduce our new shared data plans, Unlimited Data will no longer be available to customers when purchasing handsets at discounted pricing.
• Customers who purchase phones at full retail price and are on an unlimited smartphone data plan will be able to keep that plan.
• The same pricing and policies will be applied to all 3G and 4GLTE smartphones.

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. The devices we’re working with on these cellular provider services require unlimited internet access. Now in the states we have only one unlimited plan left. It’s from Sprint and I hear it’s dog slow. I also heard when Sprint rolls out LTE they’re dumping their unlimited plans. Truly a sad state in the industry. Customers are restricted and can’t fully utilize the products they purchase to their full potential.

    I’d love to see Apple “crack this”.

  2. So.. you can’t get a subsidized phone if you have an unlimited plan? … But then are you reupping a 2 year contract? Because the subsidy is in exchange for the 2 year commitment.. not a 2 yr commitment AND unlimited data.

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