Samsung gets 9 million preorders for new Galaxy phone: report

“Samsung Electronics Co has received some 9 million pre-orders for its third-generation Galaxy S smartphone from more than 100 global carriers, the Korea Economic Daily reported on Friday,” Miyoung Kim reports for Reuters.

“Samsung toppled Apple as the world’s biggest smartphone maker in the first quarter, helped by its line-up of Galaxy named devices running on Google’s free Android software,” Kim reports. “The latest version of its flagship phone, unveiled this month, will first go on sale on May 29 in Germany before being rolled out to other countries.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Crime just keeps on payin’.


    1. Winning how?

      Profit from smartphones? Apple makes like 7x what Samsung makes.

      Success in tablets? All the tablets ever actually sold to end users by Samsung are hardly a rounding error in Apple’s quarter reports on iPad.

      Facts. They can be your friend if you use them.

    2. It appears that these were pre-orders from carriers, not end users. Most of Apple’s published pre-orders are from end users.

      This equates to shipments versus sales.

      Apple will likely have 15 million nexgen iPhone reay to ship at launch day. I would expect 10 mill end user pre orders oer the combined country roll outs.

  1. hmmm…”preorders from global carriers” might be another name for “channel stuffing”

    the reviews I read said the PenTile display was a step backwards.

    1. all the initial iphone 4S reviews after the announcement were negative as well

      don’t listen to the tech media

      samsung is android right now. they control most of the android profits

      1. I listen to the tech media when it agrees with my own perceptions.

        And when I look at PenTile displays my reaction is “wow, that’s a world of suckage!!”

    1. And this is preorders, this is hearsay from Korean media. It could be correct, and it could be not.

      Only actual sales results will show, if Samsung will announce anything.

      Last time they said SGS2 sold over 20 million units in year of sales.

      Obviously, SGS3 will sell better simply because smartphone market shows year-over-year growth.

      How much better? Lets see.

  2. I play tf2 on steam with a kid from the philippines. It’s kinda neat because he’s on the near-exact opposite side of the world from here… If its 8am here it’s 8pm there. He’s a Apple guy. He’s worried about two things. A) china will attack the philippines and kill them all before America can intervene, and B) all his friends are talking about wanting the “S3”.

    I told him just tell them to wait. WAIT. Just wait till they see the iP5. Muahahhaha

    1. I heard a rumor that the new iPhone will include an integrated missile defense system with Tagalog language support. Your friend’s worries will be assuaged! Mabuhay!!

  3. Okay, that’s 9,000,000 orders from 100 carriers worldwide. That means a massive 90,000 orders per carrier on average. That does not seem to be a huge number when you spread it out over so many carriers.

  4. “Samsung’s new Galaxy S3 phone has been pre-ordered by more than 100 global carriers, who expect to sell at least 9 million devices at launch.” That’s what London’s Daily Telegraph says.

    So let’s get this all sorted out in a neat way:

    It has been reported by Reuters and The Daily Telegraph that the Korea Economic Daily has reported that Samsung has reported that it received pre-orders from 100 global carriers who expect to sell at least 9 million devices at launch.

    Look at the hoops that have to be gone through just to throw the 9 million figure out there. I’m sure there’ll be another announcement in the coming days that Samsung “expects” to “ship” 9 million devices out for the launch.

    Is it so difficult for Samsung to just make honest statements, such as:

    “We sold (yes, SOLD, not shipped) …. million phones in the reporting period.” Period.

    1. Samsung refuses as corporate policy to release official sales statistics and instead relies on articles such as this one to put out dodgy numbers for which they are not legally responsible but that are subsequently reported as “fact” as in “according to Reuters…”

  5. Miyoung Kim may work for Reuters, but she might as well be a PR flak for Samsung. Try goggling her puff piece from last fall . Additionally, why should we believe any statistics concerning Samsung mobile devices? The company itself refuses to release official sales statistics that would be subject to securities regulation and instead uses leaked rumors such as this one that are transmuted into fact via the alchemy of tame journalists.

  6. Samsung Electronics Co has received some 9 million pre-orders…

    …From the 3rd world, who don’t know better and who can’t afford an actual Smartphone. Stupidphones for you.

    Have fun with THAT lucrative market Samsung. 😆

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