Apple reportedly interested in Russian R&D facility

“Apple is one of several parties in talks with Russia’s Skolkovo technology park about possible research and development facilities there, according to local publication Izvestia,” MacNN reports.

“Other interested companies are said to include Google and Facebook; agreements are reportedly already in place for firms such as Microsoft, IBM, General Electric, and Cisco,” MacNN reports. “Skolkovo’s organizers are said to be aiming at making the park a Russian equivalent of Silicon Valley.”

More info and links in the full article here.

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    1. Russia, like China aren’t very tech savvy and they would welcome this in order to challenge and to an extent, threaten us with our technology in the future.

      No likey. GO ahead, give them Google + Android!

      1. Russia and China do have very capable tech savvy programmers and hackers. Allowing them to probe on a regular basis regarding the vulnerabilities of OSX does what?
        Exploit the findings and work against us in deed.
        Bring these great minds onboard not work from a far Apple.
        Join Apple or forget it – DO NOT SETUP a shop for them and fuel their economy.

      2. China and Russia are really tech savvy, actually. If you would look at any programming contests, you will find many Russians and Chinese at the very top for years and years. Not people from the “first world” countries.

      3. Really, so who is it supplying reliable heavy lift capability into LEO on a regular basis, using rocket tech from forty years ago?
        The US has a shuttle, only it’s unmanned, and intended only for military LEO lifting; spy satellites, basically.

  1. Apple needs something the US can no longer provide; the US space program! Apple is taking things to the next level; the next frontier, wherein Apple is going to build the ultimate off-shore account. And there are facilties over there that can be better protected than fort knox. 😉

    1. Yeah, and that helps the very few lucky folk who work for Apple. No one has solved the worlds crisis and united all peoples under one vision and Apple no matter how much money they have or how great the products become – fck that plane you are talking about… grow America keep tax dollars at home. Spending it outside grows the other countries…
      EVERYTHING any company is doing is SEND a clear message that doing business at home is not working. US dollars are going out of the US. It will dry out America and benefit other nations. Wait and See… and when it’s all too late, don’t cry to me Argentina. No other country is going to come to Americas assistance.

      1. That was a thoughtful but hopeless response and requires a response. Forget about uniting the world’s peoples under one vision, that’s not going to happen, instead the human race will divide themselves up according to brand and pledge allegience to corporations.

        All of those processes that were once the domain of government will be subsumed by private enterprise. The US government will become about as powerful as the Salvation Army, taking care of it’s beleagured army, while corporate America rules jointly with corporate China and Europa.

        You’ve been asleep too long Dick, America passed you by in the late Eighties!

        Go AAPL!

  2. Russia and China will forcibly import our secrets and technology eventually anyway, so let’s just give it all now and stop wasting time. Peope in charge here have no loyalty to their country, just to money.

  3. This sounds like yet-another-stupid-Apple-rumor.

    But if it’s not, I have to ask why Apple is investing money yet-again into a criminal nation!

    China: Criminal nation.
    Russia: Criminal nation.

    These two countries make up almost the WHOLE of criminal computer cyber-attacks across the world, both state sponsored and private.

    If Apple thought they could keep any secrets in China about manufacturing: FORGET IT!

    If Apple think they can keep any secrets in Russia about R&D: FORGET IT!

    This blatantly qualifies as self-destructive behavior on Apple’s part. NOT GOOD.

    Please Apple:
    Move on to over to non-criminal nations for your investments. That’s what logic dictates in this business climate. DUH Factor is indicated. It’s distressing to think of Apple falling for DUH behavior.

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