Apple’s forthcoming Macbook Pro 2012 models could be made with Liquidmetal

“The internet has been abuzz lately with talk of a new Apple Macbook Pro lineup for 2012 which may include with it a new liquidmetal that replaces the companies currently aluminum body design,” James Johnson reports for The Inquisitr.

“If Apple is to move forward with its current liquidmetal technology it is likely that the company will be required to create a new cooling system that can compensate for the loss of natural heat conductivity offered by the company’s aluminum body design,” Johnson reports.

Johnson reports, “The thermal heating problem however may already have a solution, according to ZDnet: ‘Buried on Liquidmetal Technologies website, a reference signals a way to tailor the material for specific thermal and electrical conductivity, so there may be possible to re-engineer the material to overcome this problem.'””

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We heard they’re going to build the Mothership campus out of Liquidmetal. 😉

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    1. So does it use magnetic fields to keep the shape of a car?
      Does anyone think Liquidmetal is as toxic as mercury?
      Apple could use the codeword ‘Quicksilver’ for them.
      (buzzer alarm sounds from desktop, flashing light on screen)
      Whoops, my mistake, they already used that one with a line of
      the G4 Powermacs.

        1. I am so sorry, sir, if I have offended your delicate sensibilities with my so stupid comment. Clearly, I was in the wrong, and I must admit to a little of both: trolling AND stupid.
          I abase myself to your pardon, sir, a lout shoved me.
          Please accept as my humblest apology these two tickets to Ascot, they are box seats adjacent to the box of the Duke and Duchess of York. (hands tickets to Horseshack) There we go.
          I understand ‘Winged Mercury’ is in the running for the 9th race.
          Up against ‘Unscratchable Chrome’. A spirited race to be sure.
          But seriously – d’ya think that Liquidmetal might be as toxic as
          mercury? Not the planet Mercury, but the metallic element that resembles, well, a liquid metal at room temperature.
          I mean if you gnawed on it; toxic yes/no?

    1. …and Flash?! hahahahaha
      It is amazing how big the Apple RDF is now compared to the early 90’s. LiquidMetal and flexible screens … send in the FUD meisters!

  1. People will see the new Liquidmetal laptops in the Apple store:
    “Hey look, they made these things outta chrome!”
    Jonathan Ive gnashing his teeth.

  2. What is it with these people’s fixation on Liquidmetal. It’s like some new form of snake oil that relieves all ills. It’ll probably add like 1% of efficiency for every use which amounts to being fairly useless. If Apple had any use for it, they’d probably have had more use for it than putting it in a SIM ejector. The bloggers are again grasping at straws for Apple news.

    1. Well lqmt once traded at $20.00 and now it’s $0.30. The stock is so volatile that a rumor like this will nudge it up 50% like nothing. A few such rumors and you get near 300%. So regardung fixation there’s that.

  3. Love my iPhone and apple tv but had yet to go the Mac route. Windows 8, & ultrathin retina liquidmetal Macs seem like great reasons to finally make the change. And I know I won’t be the only one.

    Expect another record Mac year. A massive record year.

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