RUMOR: Apple’s iOS 6 ‘Sundance’ to debut Siri APIs, Siri on iPad; iTunes 11 to feature Spotify-like music streaming

“While there’s not much other iOS 6 information floating around out there right now, there have been whispers backing up [Daring Frieball’s John] Gruber’s assertion that Siri APIs are [a] possibility,” MG Siegler reports for TechCrunch. “There have also been whispers about Siri for iPad finally coming. Specifically, I’ve been led to believe it’s more of a UI issue than anything else. After all, Apple is using the technology for the Dictation functionality found on the new iPad. They’ve just been working on what Siri for iPad will look like, I’ve been led to believe.”

“As we’ve seen the past few days, new iCloud functionality should be a key part of iOS 6 as well,” Siegler reports. “And more deep ties into the forthcoming OS X Mountain Lion should be revealed.”

Siegler reports, “There is also some chatter about iTunes 11. It has been a not-so-well-kept secret that Apple has been trying to completely re-write the software for a long time. There have been several false starts and scrapping of projects. It’s believed (but far from confirmed) that Apple may be zeroing in on the major revamp they’re after. And a part of that may be both Apple and the labels warming to a full-on Spotify competitor.”

Much more about Apple’s “Maps” and dumping Google Maps in iOS 6 in the full article here.


  1. No Siri for the iPad. The iPad does not always have access to a network like an iPhone does (obv I’m talking about the wifi model). For a successful implementation of Siri, people need to be able to press the button and use it, not har to guess whether or not they’ll have access to it. What I do see is transcription being available (like the new ipad) but not full-blown Siri.

    1. Your point about the need for constant network access is a good one. Still, in my mind I can hear Siri channeling the ghost of HAL from 2001:

      I’m sorry Dave, I can’t do that at this time due to lack of network connection.

  2. Am I alone in wanting a revamp of the 4×4 icon grid as the main UI? It is one thing I think that Windows mobile seems to have thought up that actually appeals – having dynamic icons, with different sizes does look nice, and provide loads of info before you open it up… I’d love that to come to iOS…

    1. you got to be joking – right

      i will agree the iPhone grid and UI has been around for some time now and some are getting board with it, but the UI is the least needing chance. Dare I say, to look more like windows is totally a horrible suggestion – the UI is why so many people can use the iDevices. From Adults to old timers, from Kids to Gorillas, the UI has proven to be extremely simple and pure.

      You have load of information before you open up… Apples notifications is just fine. And do you really want that information. Come on. Wasting bandwidth and data packs for snooze. Bring along your laptop then.

      -3,000 i would dislike that entirely to come to iOS – boo

    2. Frankly, I’m surprised it has taken this long for Apple to release dynamic icons.

      Jailbreakers have had them for years already.

      For example, my weather icon changes dynamically, to display the current temperature, rather than Apple’s static reading.

  3. You don’t need 3G/4G to be able to use SIRI.
    Majority of iPad owners browse through WiFi at their home.

    Dictation is most useless because it can barely do things.

    I want a full blown SIRI for iPhone and iPad on iOS 6

  4. I don’t want a screen at all on my iPhone.
    Just an on switch, volume and SIRI.

    Call Mom and it calls. Send Britney a text. Hows the weather in Alaska. I’m lost, how to get back onto Main St. Meeting on Monday at five with Dave. All is handled trust worthy by my phone assistant. If i need to see things I look on my iPad.

    Make a phone simpler – and more a phone again not a pocket computer. Why do I need a smartphone and a tablet and a desktop and a remote gaming unit? Tell me why. Before there was a concept the digital hub where all my devices could sync. Now a days, all i really need is my iPad that is if it had Siri. Or feel the iPad and all i need is the iPhone but damn I can’t draw well on the small screen and pages is too tiny. The needs still can be further simplified. Pls send me a Dick Tracey watch phone thx Apple Santa.

  5. Question: Does the iPad [3] include noise cancelation? If so, this rumor may come true, for the iPad [3].

    DON’T expect any Siri tech from Apple on ANY iOS device that does not include noise cancelation. That includes the mythological “ATV” (aka “AppleTV 3”, “iTV” etc.). Apple want Siri to actually WORK, which it won’t on devices without proper built-in noise cancelation.

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