Fox News reviews Microsoft’s Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone: ‘Disappointing’ (with video)

“Microsoft and Nokia are all in on the latest Windows Phone: the Nokia Lumia 900. I’ve been testing it for about a week and I’m disappointed,” Clayton Morris reports for Fox News. “This is the phone that Nokia and Microsoft hoped would bring them iPhone-level recognition.”

“My first reaction was that the screen looks over saturated. The colors are bright and not in a pleasant, Easter egg kind of way. It felt blown out and text looks fuzzy to the point of wanting to put the phone down,” Morris reports. “I’m also not a fan of the size. I know some people do think bigger is better when it comes to mobile devices. But I’m so used to my iPhone, which I think is perfectly sized for one or two-handed usage. The Lumia is 4.3 inches and it just doesn’t serve the way I type which is very often with one thumb. My hands are pretty large, after all (I’m a 6’2″ inch guy), and my my thumb still can’t reach across the screen.”

Morris reports, “Internet Explorer isn’t particularly great [either]. It doesn’t look good and it doesn’t work well. I had several webpages that simply would not load. It’s a shame… The 8-megapixel camera performs well but the photos I took around my neighborhood were still inferior to the same photos taken with an iPhone 4S boasting the same resolution camera… This phone is only $99 with a two-year contract on AT&T… but remember, at the same AT&T store you’ll find 2010’s iPhone 4, with a better web browsing experience and nicer display, for the same $99.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Time for Wolfram|Alpha to recalculate.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “HotinPlaya” for the heads up.]

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  1. Of course we are going to see, regarding the “MS Nokia Lumina 900 Windows Phone review as disappointing” in the usual fashion about Faux News: “Fox Lies!” in 3, 2, 1…

    1. No, they got it right this time (although it was not a very difficult call to get right, based on other similar feedback).

      Perhaps Fox News should change from political analysis to analysis of consumer tech?

  2. It’s a shame that Wolfram Alpha allows this superlative description to be curated as such… Siri shall add a filter blocking those WA info from loading up, if possible. Or redirect it to another computational engine and output something humorously suggestive instead.

  3. It seemed like the “good” was more important than the “bad” until the browser issue. He was going to a .mobi, so it was specifically designed for mobile. It’s was not a desktop site that crashed the browser.

    My recommendation: MS, just use webkit, like everyone else…

    1. Both despite and because it is Fox “news,” I pay no attention to whatever they say whether I want to agree with them or not. They have no credibility. I shall worry if David Pogue, the Loop, and Andy Inhatko praise this phone. And I’ll be unhappy if Woz does, too.

        1. The sales of Windows Phone are in the toilet all across the board.

          So I don’t think the Lumia’s positive reception from Pogue and Woz really matters.

  4. Possibly the only factually accurate news that Fox will carry this month.
    Anyhow, I found the Ars Technica review far more helpful and detailed. Their take – decent phone with some serious flaws and a glaring lack of apps, that would never be chosen over iPhone or Androids by a knowledgeable consumer.

    1. Relax, imppaul. I’ll compare Fox News to MSNBC–favorably–any day of the week, any time. One outlet’s offerings against ALL THE OTHERS. Favorable odds, IMHO.

  5. This guy said it in the very beginning that he is use to iPhone. If your use to something anything different just doesn’t feel right. The only valid point this reviewer had was regarding website load speed. The number of applications the platform has as a selling point is just dumb. Whoopi! There are a trillion apps but I will download maybe 10 or 15! The number of apps arguement is just dumb but leave it to this Apple biased fool to try and exploit. I recommend people go check out the Lumia 900 for themselves. I would almost gaurauntee they would pick it over the iPhone.

    1. Obvious trolling…

      But is does show how Window’s fanboys will use any argument to defend their love. I’m sure we all remember hearing “Macs suck because they only have a small portion of all the software that us Windows users have!”

      1. Look at these obvious trolls replying to my message. I am a bigger Mac fanboy than either of you can deny to be. I still own the original iMac Graphite and a Mac Plus (8Mhz), both of which still work and I love them. Can’t do much with them anymore, but I opened and almost completely ruined the Mac Plus just to see the signatures inside the case. I am just honest. The Windows Phone UI is far cleaner and simpler than iPhone iOS or Android. The iPhone easily wins the spec race in most cases but even then it isn’t necessarily better. The new Retina display with higher ppi isn’t very impressive compared to the older Samsung Super AMOLED display. Even at a lower ppi (not by much) I’d rather have the vivid colors from the Super AMOLED display. The iPhone is amazing and I think overall it is better than anything MS or Android is offering, but it’s sad that people are so attached to a brand that they can’t just be honest with themselves.

        1. “I recommend people go check out the Lumia 900 for themselves. I would almost gaurauntee they would pick it over the iPhone.”

          “The iPhone is amazing and I think overall it is better than anything MS or Android is offering”

          Way to contradict yourself.

          The reviewer has plenty of valid points: fuzzy text, a screen size that makes thumb-typing impractical even if you have large hands, a lousy web browser that fails to load some webpages, an inferior camera, and too few quality apps.

          Your imaginary story about being a “Mac fanboy” has been noted.

          Over all, I give your efforts 2 out of 10. You should go back to troll school.

          1. I’m sorry. Who “likes” the UI?? It’s absolutely hideous.
            Pointless swooping animation and garish colors appeal to children and people with no taste.

            Ah but then there’s the iPhone. It’s the size it is because I can hold it in my hand and reach the top left corner of the screen with my thumb without pulling a muscle.
            I have to hand it to the reviewer here, he’s the first person to actually point this out.

          2. You are correct, I did contradict myself. I guess “gaurauntee” was the wrong word to use. The Nokia Lumia 900 has a great design while it’s screen isn’t as good as the iPhones or Samsungs Super AMOLED screen. So like all smartphones there are some good and some bad. Although not the best in each catagory (design, UI, tech specs) the iPhone is overall the best phone right now. Although I don’t think the screen is better than the Super AMOLED screen made by Samsung there are other iPhone specs which make up for it. The whole screen size thing is rediculous to me as I’ve had no issues typing with my thumbs on my Samsung Focus. I like the UI and so does the co-founder of Apple stating “I did give my opinion that the Windows 7 phone had superior visual appearance and operation cues that were also more attractive.” I guess Mr. Wosniak is either child-like or has no taste.

            1. I’ll agree with you that Woz is child-like and has no taste.

              Woz has as much influence on and deserves as much credit at Apple as the Winklevosses do at Facebook. He helped get the ball rolling, no doubt, but he sucked the marrow out of THAT bone ages ago.

              Woz is famous for being famous. What has he done in the past ten years? twenty years? twenty-five years?

          1. ( Signatures on Mac 128, 512, and Mac PLUS! My ORIGINAL iMac wasn’t the first color but it IS an original iMac. Perhaps I should have said Original iMac G3 instead of the color graphite.

    2. Of course you’re right – if you have the apps you need why would you want a trillion more to pick from. Quality is what counts. Strangely enough this argument “x has SO many more apps than y” all these years been the absolute top pick among wintards against so called apple fanbois. Nice to read this circumstance now’s downplayed as stupid

      1. I am actually hoping Windows Phone starts to do better because I like to support the underdog in most situations. I just don’t see it happening because of dumb decisions being made by MS. I really need to find something else to do.

  6. 99 bucks on a two year plan? Balmer you got to be kidding.
    For 65 dollar i can own a android – with a 10 dollar sim and I can find 3 different carriers to suit my needs – and neither lock me into a contract. Widows 8 is dead on arrival RIP it and weep.

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